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What is the scientific classification of a banana?

The bananas all belong to the genus Musa in the family Musaceae.

More fully:

Kingdom: Plantae

Division: Magnoliophyta

Class: Liliopsida

Order: Zingiberales

Family: Musaceae

Genus: Musa
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What is the scientific name for the banana spider?

The name is Nephila clavipes (also known as Golden Silk Orb-Weaver spiders).
What is scientific classification?

What is scientific classification?

Scientific classification is a method used by scientists to group different species of animals into categories. There are seven different levels within scientific classificati
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Banana leaf scientific name?

The scientific name for a banana is Musa paradascica. However the scientific name for the banana leaf is the same as the entire organism. Also the scientific name for the bana