What is the scientific name for a mushroom?

What is the scientific name for a mushroom?
Coprinus comatus
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What are some names of mushrooms?

shiitake , button, porcini, death cap. try doing a search for common names of mushrooms too many to list
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What is the scientific name for Ebola?

The scientific name is Ebolavirus.   It belongs to the family/group Filoviridae.
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What is the scientific name of mushroom?

There are many. Mushrooms are in the kingdom Fungi. The mushrooms that we eat are part of the phylum Basidomycota. The mushroom itself is called a fruiting body (not to be con (MORE)

What is a scientific name?

A name used all around the world to classify a living organism. It is composed of a genus and species name.A sceintific name can also be considered for non living things, thes (MORE)

What was the name of the song that beetles wrote about magic mushrooms?

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