What is the scientific name for a mushroom?

Coprinus comatus
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Do you have a process or ritual you follow to write your music, or do you just go with it when inspiration strikes?

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What are some names of mushrooms?

shiitake , button, porcini, death cap. try doing a search for common names of mushrooms too many to list
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What is the scientific name for Ebola?

The scientific name is Ebolavirus.   It belongs to the family/group Filoviridae.
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Easy Recipe for Cooking Stuffed Mushrooms

Cooking stuffed mushrooms is very easy. Stuffed mushrooms can be a great appetizer to serve at a dinner party. One reason why many people enjoy cooking stuffed mushrooms is be (MORE)

Pork Sausage and Cheese-stuffed Mushrooms

Enjoy these delicious pork sausage and cheese-stuffed mushrooms with a bottle of Sangiovese, a bright, fruity Italian red wine. These appetizers are filling, so they may also (MORE)
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Savory Clam Stuffed Mushrooms

While some people love mushrooms and use them in virtually anything, others have no idea what to do with these foodie fungi. Mushrooms are a meaty, flavorful food with a lot o (MORE)

What is a scientific name?

A name used all around the world to classify a living organism. It is composed of a genus and species name.A sceintific name can also be considered for non living things, thes (MORE)

What is the scientific name of mushroom?

There are many. Mushrooms are in the kingdom Fungi. The mushrooms that we eat are part of the phylum Basidomycota. The mushroom itself is called a fruiting body (not to be con (MORE)

What was the name of the song that beetles wrote about magic mushrooms?

  The Beatles did not write a song about magic mushrooms. The song to which you refer is possibly "Tomorrow Never Knows" which was used as a soundtrack for a bizarre 3 min (MORE)

What is the scientific name for psychedelic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are fungi containing psychoactive alkaloids or organic compounds and are classified scientifically according to their chemical properties based on the psychede (MORE)

Finger Foods: Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms are an elegant addition to a menu. They take a bit of work, but much of it can be done in advance so that it all comes together easily at the last minute. Th (MORE)
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Southern Spin for Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

The caps of large, white mushrooms beg to be filled with any number of food including sauteed vegetables or meats. Perhaps one of the richest versions involves crab meat. The (MORE)