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What is the scientific name for a mushroom?

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Coprinus comatus
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What is the scientific name or a common name?

Binomial nomenclature is a system of giving distinct and proper names to organisms with each name consisting of two words, generic and specific . Also known as scientific name

What are the scientific classifications of Mushrooms?

kingdom-fungi phylum-basidiomycota class-homobasidiomcetae order-agaricales family-amanitaceae genus-amanita species-A.Mascaria The above answer is the classification of one

What does mushrooms do?

you can eat them and animals eat them but all they do is make earth beautiful

How many names does a scientific name have?

Commonly, a scientific name is composed of two words; the genus and the species of an organism. For example a dog is called, "Canis domesticus," Canis being the genus and dome

What is scientific name?

A scientific name is the base name. A creature or item may have numerous common names depending on locality, but the scientific name will remain the same no matter where.It is