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The setting of a story is the time, place and social and religious environment. For example, a story that appears may be set in a poor part of early Victorian England among deeply religious people in a part of of the country far removed from the industrial areas and so on
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What is setting in a story?

The setting of any story is known as the orientation. It is when and where the story takes place, or the time and location in which it takes place. The setting is where (and p

The setting of a story is?

the time, place, and social environment in which the events of a story takes place

What is the setting in the storie?

  The physical location that the story takes place in. Moby Dick - a whaling ship The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckle and Mister Hyde - London For Whom the Bell Tolls - t

Where was the setting of the story?

This question is not specific enough to be answered. What is Setting? Setting is the time, place, and duration in a story. To simplify, it is the when and where in a story.

What is the setting of the story does it depict the story?

Setting describes where, when, and the context in which a story takes place. It is the backdrop for all stories. The setting of Beauty and the Beast, for example, would be Fra

When does a setting in a story happen in a story?

Normally the setting of a story happens in the beginning of a story A good author provides constant setting throughout the story to give you a vivid mental image of where the

Why is the setting of a story important to a story?

the setting is important to a story for the following reasons: A good description of the setting can place the reader inside of the storyif the story to place in a different

Does a story have to have a setting?

Yes, it does. Every story has to have a setting, whether it be a blank void, a dream state, or another world. The setting is where the story takes place and the characters int