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Honey stored in sealed containers can remain stable for decades and even centuries! For practical purposes, a shelf-life of two years is often stated. Properly processed, packaged and stored honey retains its quality for a long time. Use the link below for more information.
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What is the shelf life of russet potatoes?

They can last, like other potatoes, three to five weeks. It all depends on the storage methods (read the packaging).

What is the shelf life of unshelled pecans?

If frozen, they can keep for 2 years.   If refrigerated, up to 12 months.   If at room temperature, up to 4 months.   See Related Links.

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Oxycodone shelf life?

I would say after a year, Oxycodone would start to loose it effectiveness. From personal experience, after one year, you are at risk for having vomiting and nausea 2 days late

What is the shelf life of Coleman fuel?

It is Petroleum Hydrocarbon Naphtha, chemical formula C5-C9. Therefore it's long term storage stability should be much better than common unleaded gasoline intended as motor f

What is the shelf life of cosmetics?

Depends on the particular item. Mascara is usually 3 months from when you first open it. Lip gloss is 6-12 months (6 for the "wand" type applicators) Lip Stick is 18 months F