What is the shortest musical note?

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In Music
The shortest musical note is the demisemihemidemisemiquaver, lasting for 1/256 of a beat.
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What does music notes tattoo symbolize?

It's Music To My Ears . Almost every one I ever tattooed music notes on was a musician or at least a music affectionado.....But even if you just like to listen you can get music notes to show your love for it. One fellow was a G 'n R fan who had the music to 'Sweet Child Of Mine" tattooed around (MORE)

How many different musical notes are there?

there are seven basic notes, A,B,C,D,E,F and G but there are many octives that these notes can be in, depending on the instrument.. There are 12 sharped and flated notes. C Db D Eb E F Gb G Ab A B Bb. Some notes have two names. For instance Ab is also caled G#. Cb is called B sometimes. In some sca (MORE)

What words can you make from musical notes?

Remember: only A, B, C, D, E, F, G may be used! 1-Letter words A 2- Letter Words Ad Be Fa (as in Do, Re, Me, Fa...) 3-Letter Words Abe Ace Add Ade Age Bad Bag Bed Bee Beg Cab Cad Dab Dad Ebb Egg Fad Fed Fee Gab Gag 4-Letter Words Aged Bade Bead Beef (MORE)

What is classic music concert note?

The A just above middle C on the piano keyboard. This is approximately 440Hz. The frequency, curiously, varies a bit regionally/nationally. In Europe, for example, it's typically a few Hz higher.

What are notes in music?

Notes in music are the little "signs" on a bar graph. They tell you which notes to play, how fast to play them, and in which order to play them. I am sure you could find lessons on how to read them on youtube.

What are the different kinds of notes in music?

There are: . Whole notes - semibreve - 4 beats . Half notes - minim - 2 beats . Quarter notes - crotchet - 1 beat . Eighth notes - quaver - half a beat . Sixteenth notes - semiquaver - a quarter beat . A demisemiquaver is half of a semiquaver, and a hemidemisemiquaver is half of a demi (MORE)

What are the notes in music?

It depends on what instrument you are talking about and what exactly you mean by the word "notes". I play piano and the notes are A B C D E F G. Overall in music, notes tell the musician what pitches to play to make a song. But like I said, it depends on the instrument. A B C D E F and G with the (MORE)

How do you type a musical note symbol?

If you are using a Windows operating system, hold down the Alt key and enter the ASCII number on the numeric keypad. Alt + 13 = ♪ Alt + 14 = ♫ You can also use Alt + the Unicode value . In Linux, you can do this by pressing Ctrl+Shift+u followed by the Unicode value i (MORE)

What is notes in music?

Notes are generally letters that people who play music read. For example a pianist would say C is a note :)

What is the shortest note in written music?

One of the shortest musical notes ever played in a piece of music I have seen is/was in Beethoven's first movement of his ' Pathethique' sonata. In the opening movement quite a few Hundred twenty-eighth notes/quasihemidemisemiquavers/semihemidemisemi quavers were used.

What is the shortest note?

The shortest commonly-used note in music of defined length is a semihemidemisemiquaver, known in American English as a hundred-twenty-eighth note. Although notes of such relative duration are rare, they can be found in Beethoven's Pathetique piano sonata.

What is the shortest piece of music ever written?

This question, Does have a "Logical" Answer. We were taught that if the Conductor simply gives ONE Downbeat, then this can represent a piece of music that is silent for the duration of however speedily the Conductor can so Do?!.. To Contain "Sounded" Music, the question is more difficult. This would (MORE)

Why is a music note called a note?

A music note is called as note, because without being attentive, a person cannot distinguish the note in a melody or in a sound cluster. In Sanskrit, a note is referred to as 'swara' or 'self-shining'. A note can be a written sign representing the pitch and duration of a musical sound. . A note nee (MORE)

How do you read music notes for a piano?

Its not something you can just do automatically, because when you start off playing the piano, reading notes is one of the first things you learn. You read notes according to legger lines, and accordingly play them on the piano. I recommend sitting down and asking for the help of someone who knows h (MORE)

What is On Top of Spaghetti music notes?

It is sung to the tune of the American folk ballad "On Top of Old Smoky". It starts like this. All notes are within one C octave; all C's are the lower one, except the 5th note with is the upper octave. C C E G C... A... A F G A G.... C C E G G.... D... E F E D C.....

What is the notes in music?

music notes are like basically a different language. They have the treble cleff which is the top one (you play it in the right hand) and the base cleff which is the bottom one (you play it in your left hand) Notes are what keys you play and where each key is on an instrument. the notes only go up to (MORE)

What notes in the key of c in music?

From octave to octave, it's: c,d,e,f,g,a,b,c. (doh ray me fa so la tee doh) there arn't any sharps or flats (black keys). C majour is the most simple key to play piano in.

What are the five musical notes and their values?

eighth note: 1/2 beat quarter note: 1 beat half note: 2 beats dotted half note: 3 beats whole note: 4 beats Further information: There are many more than five musical notes andtheir values. Starting with the longest note in Western music: Breve - the value of two whole notes (not commonly used) (MORE)

What notes are used in the musical scale?

Any notes can be used in a scale, but the major scale formula goes; W W H W W W H W stands for whole step and H stands for half step, so in C major there is a tone between C and D, a tone between D and E, a semitone between E and F, a tone between F and G, a tone between G and A, a tone betwe (MORE)

Classification of musical notes?

There are five different types of musical notes. They include thewhole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note and sixteenthnote.

What are all the notes on a music staff?

There are 12 different notes on a music staff, and 21 notes on a music staff. The 12 different notes are: . C/Mi . C sharp/D flat . D/Fa . D sharp/E flat . E/So . F/La . F sharp/G flat . G/Ti . G sharp/A flat . A/Do . A sharp/B flat . B/Re These musical note do vary in pitch, like l (MORE)

What is the eighth musical note?

It depends on what key you are in. The 8th note is the same as the first. In the key of C, which has no sharps or flats, the 8th note is C.

Why are notes stacked on a music sheet?

because while playing it is very uncomfortalble to have to stop and change pages so they make the print smaller and close together so you can most of the time play songs with only two papers on the stand

What are the musical notes and values?

Starting with the longest note in Western music: Breve - the value of two whole notes (not commonlyused) Semibreve - a whole note Minim - half of a Semibreve, or equal to twoquarter notes Crotchet - a quarter note, and the most commonnote denomination in music, often referred to as a beat Q (MORE)

How you do write music word to music notes?

not entirely sure what you mean, i think you mean how do you get chord names, i.e C, onto a stave? it depends what clef you use, on the G Clef, a C is the 3rd gap from the bottom. on the bass clef (F Clef), a C would be the second gap from the bottom. a good way of remembering notes on the differen (MORE)

Is h a musical note?

Yes, in German music B is called 'H' and the note the Germans call B is the same as our B flat.

What are musical notes called in English?

Presuming you're in crotchet time e.g. 4 time 4 an eight beat note is called a breve a four beat note is called a semibreve a two beat note is called a minim a one beat note is called a crotchet a half beat note is called a quaver a quarter beat is called a semiquaver an eighth(1/8) beat is called a (MORE)

Which of the four musical notes has the shortest value?

Technically the shortness of note length has no limit. To make a note half as long, simply double the number it is named for. Notes longest to shortest are: whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note, 16th note, 32nd note, 64th note, etc. You can go on forever. However, notes shorter than 32 (MORE)

What does musical notes look like?

The actual notes look most like circles that are either filled in or empty. They sometimes have lines coming out of them. The lines sometimes have other lines coming out of them. They're mostly just circles, though. .

What does the quality of a music note depend on?

The quality of a musical note depends on the number and relative intensity of the overtones it produces along with the fundamental. It is the element of quality that enables us to distinguish between notes of the same frequency and intensity coming from different sources.

What is a space note and line note in music?

The space notes in a treble clef are (in order from bottom to top) F, A, C, E. The line notes in a treble clef are (in order from bottom to top) E, G, B, D, F. The space notes in a bass clef are (in order from bottom to top) A, C, E, G. The line notes in a bass clef are (in order from bottom (MORE)

What is a musical note?

A musical note implies its pitch. In other words it denotes which note should be played on your instrument. There are 7 music notes: A, B, C, D, E, F and G.