What is the shutter speed on a canon eos 1n?

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You can adjust the shutter speed of Canon EOS cameras so there isn't a set shutter speed.
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What does EOS in canon camera stands for?

Electro-Optical-System. I Googled it because I didn't know. There is a full article in Wikipedia on the subject if you wish to know more. My suggestion to all is that the answers (and much more) to many such questions are that easy to discover if you would endeavor to search.

Can you use your canon Eos slr lens on a canon dslr?

The short answer is "Yes.". The long answer is: All Canon EOS cameras use Canon EF (electro-focus) lenses. They can also use independently made lenses with EF type camera mounts.. All Canon DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras can use all Canon EF (or independent manufacturer equivalent) lens (MORE)

Will a Canon EOS Speedlite 540EZ work with a canon eos 400d?

I don't know how long ago you asked this question, but the 540EZ is VERY old. It's pretty much obsolete now.\n. \nGo for the 430EX or the 580EX. They're a decent price, and work very well.\n. \nIf you want more power out of it, the 580EX Mk II is your best bet. ;)

Which are Canon eos film cameras?

The only film camera currently manufactured in the EOS line is the EOS-1v, a professional-grade 35mm camera body that sells in the $1000 range. It is compatible with the full line of EOS lenses and flash units.

How is the canon eos 5 rated?

Canon EOS 5 is a Prosumer/high-end 35mm film camera. That means that you have a piece of professional equipment in your hands. Very useful for who knows the technique of photography, less useful for who doesn't.

Canon eos 20d how do you upload a picture from it?

There are two ways. 1. Instal Digital Photo Professional image processing software. Connect the USB cable to the camera and then connect to the computer. Start the DPP program, and do what you want with your photos. 2. Take the Cf card off your camera, plug it in a CF card reader and upload photos f (MORE)

What type of lens are compatible with canon eos?

Any lens with EF mount to digital cameras and to cameras with APS-C sensor (smaller than full size) EF and EF-S mount lenses. To EOS film cameras FD mount lenses. To all EOS cameras, almost any lens with adapter: EF, EF-S, FD to other mount. For example EF to M42 adapter and you can use M42 lenses.

What is the difference between a Canon SLR and EOS?

I think that you want to know the difference between a SLR and a DSLR. EOS means Electro-Optical System and SLR means Single-Lens Reflex . Canon has both film and digital EOS cameras, but only film SLR cameras. The main difference between SLR and DSLR is the way the support on wich the light is i (MORE)

How much does a Canon EOS 5D cost?

Body only : The newer Canon EOS 5D Mark II 21.1MP with full-frame CMOS chip retails around $2,499 new; the older Canon EOS 5D Mark II 12.8MP still retails new around $2,699 (go figure), but you can pick up a good used or refurbished body for $900-$1200. [November 2010]

How much is a Canon EOS 700 worth?

The Canon EOS 700 is a very basic, entry level, Auto Focus film camera. It was made from 1990 to 1991. Other film cameras with more features from that era only fetch about $50. The EOS 700 is probably harder to find because it was only in production for 1 year. You may get more from a motivated buye (MORE)

Is the canon eos 550d mini?

It is 129 x 98 x 62 mm (5.1 x 3.9 x 2.4 in) and weights 530g. I dont' think it fits in the "mini" category. Add to that lens dimensions and weight, battery weight.

Is the canon eos 500d small?

The Canon EOS 500D is a 15.1 megapixel digital single-lens reflex camera, announced by Canon. It continues the Rebel line of mid-range DSLR cameras, is placed by Canon as the next model up from the EOS 450D, and has been superseded by the EOS 550D (T2i).

Where can you find the Canon eos 5d on sale?

Canon EOS 5D can be found at an amazingly, much lower prices at online stores. One should also try DealDash or other well-known bidding sites because they will definitely get the same quality for much less.

How much is the Canon eos 5d and who sells it?

The Canon eos 5d costs approximately $2,000.00 but the price can vary depending on the lens and accesories. It is available at specialist camera shops and various places onine including such sites as amazon and ebay.

Does a canon EOS 600d have a raw mode?

Yes it does. Change the setting through the 'Quality' menu. You can have Jpeg (various sizes), RAW/Jpeg (camera takes one of each and saves them both), or RAW only.

Which Canon EOS is best?

if your looking for a really good camera that takes pictures and video the canon eos rebel t3i is best. its sort of the same as the canon 60d which is the best! and also the canon 7d is amazing. but the t3i is the cheapest of all these 3 and it has a flip out screen. there are the t2i, t1i, t1, t2, (MORE)

Can you slow the shutter speed on a canon powershot a3000 is?

Yes. To do this, you have to change the mode in SCN. Then, select the long shutter effect ( press the right button or the flash button ). it is located at the last. then, to change the shutter speed, press the up button or the exposure button. to adjust the speed, just press the left or right button (MORE)

How do you find the Canon EOS 5d?

According to reviews, the Canon EOS 5d is a different caliber SLR camera because of its high resolution camera plus a compact body type. This type of camera is the pioneer in the DSLR-type of cameras which started the trend in all DSLR cameras.

What is the canon eos 7d?

Canon EOS 7D is a digital single-lense reflective Camera produced by Canon. This is one of the most popular cameras providing lots of features that allow one to take great pictures.

What is the list price of Canon EOS 5D?

The list price of the Canon EOS 5D is 400 dollars. This snart phone is very expensive because it is also an entire personal computer and a tablet built into the phone.

What are the key features of the Canon Eos 50D?

The Canon EOS 50D is a popular model of digital camera. The camera features a 15.1 megapixel resolution, enhanced face detection capabilities, and compatibility with both Compact Flash I and II memory cards.

What are the features of the Canon Eos Rebel T2i?

The Canon Eos Rebel T2i has several features that distinguish it from other cameras in its price range. These include an 18.0 Megapixel sensor, a 3 inch LCD Monitor, improved movie and sound recording processes, an external microphone, and a Quick Control Screen Button that allows for quick access t (MORE)

What is the release year of Canon EOS 350d?

The Canon EOS 350D (Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT in North America and the Canon EOS Kiss Digital N in Japan) is an 8.0-megapixel entry-level digital single-lens reflex camera manufactured by Canon. The model was initially announced in February 2005. It uses Compact Flash storage and a Lithium ion batt (MORE)

What are some of the features of the Canon EOS 40D?

Reviews available to read on the internet state that the Canon EOS 40D has new features after undergoing 3 firmware upgrades. The upgrades have removed glitches that previous buyer were not happy with and the current reviews for this product are now glowing.

Where can one purchase a Canon EOS 20D?

A Canon EOS 20D can be purchased from any good camera store. If they do not have it in they can order it. If someone is happy to buy online then it can be bought on Amazon.

Where can one purchase a Canon EOS 30D?

Canon cameras are really nice and durable. One can buy them at places such as Best Buy, Future Shop, The Bay, Sears or Walmart, or online at other retailers such as Amazon, Shopzilla, Overstock or eBay. Buying online could save some money on the purchase price as well.

Where can one get a canon eos 400d?

The Canon website is an excellent starting place to look for any Canon product. Websites such as ebay or amazon may also have used products available for purchase at a reduced cost.

What kind of camera is Canon EOS 40D?

The Canon EOS 40D is professional camera used to take high definition digital photos with a lens mechanism manufactured in Japan. It is able to store these photos on a SD card.

Canon EOS lenses can be purchased where online?

Canon EOS lenses can be purchased from: Canon website, Target, Jessops, Argos, Amazon, Best Buy, Pixmania, Flipkart, Priceme, John Lewis, Kogan, Newegg, to name a few. Prices start from å£305.

What stores sell a Canon EOS 1ds?

The EOS 1Ds is a digital camera manufactured by Canon. It can be purchased at many retailers selling electronics. Some of these include Best Buy and Future Shop, Walmart and Target.

Where can someone purchase the Canon EOS 1000D?

The Canon EOS Rebel XS 1000D camera can be purchased on eBay. It is also available on Amazon and may be found in a local used or overstock electronics retailer or through local classified ads should one wish to see and test the camera prior to purchasing.

Where can one buy a Canon EOS 20D?

A good place to buy the Canon EOS 20D is directly from Canon. Other good places to purchase this camera is from eBay or Amazon where one can often find discounted prices.

Where can someone purchase the Canon EOS Camera?

The Canon EOS camera can be purchased through many big box retailers, such as Target and WalMart. It can also be purchased through electronics and camera stores such as Best Buy and Wolfe Camera. There are many websites, including Best Buy, Amazon, and eBay where the Canon EOS can be purchased. I (MORE)

Where can one purchase a Canon EOS 1000D?

One can purchase a Canon EOS 1000D at the bigger electronics store at ones local area. If purchased online, one could do so via Amazon or eBay. Here, there is the ability to purchase new or used.

What features does the Canon EOS Rebel 2000 have?

Some of the Canon EOS Rebel 2000 camera's features include a fully automatic 35mm AF SLR with retractable built-in flash, a high-speed selectable 7-point autofocus system linked to 35-zone metering system for available light and flash and improved autofocus as well as lower-light threshold.