What is the sickness when a baby is holding their head and crying and is warm and red bumps?

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it sounds like infant acne - starts at around 4-5 weeks. My LO was born July 29 and got it last week. It supposedly peaks around 6 weeks and can last til like 3 months, but goes away on it's own. Best to keep the baby's face clean with soapy water once a day but leave it alone otherwise. Some people swear by Aquaphor, but I've tried it and haven't noticed a difference. I basically wondered the same thing you did, had a hint that it was infant acne but called my ped anyway and they told be to come in - such a waste cause they just told me what I already knew. Baby is not bothered by it, heat exacerbates but that's about it.
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Is it serious if a baby bumps his head?

Probably not. I was holding my 6 month old son in my arms as I sat in a rocking chair. He suddenly jerked in my arms and fell to the floor, hitting his head on the carpet, w

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Is little red bumps on your baby a possible food allergy?

Yes, my 4 week old daughter is allergic to milk and the formula Nutramigen broke her face, neck, and chest into little red bumps. Initially, my breast milk made them go away b

What is the red bump on your hamsters head?

The bump could be a cancerous tumor. If the bumps get larger, develop black scabs, and your hamster starts to poop blood this theory may be more or less correct. I am truly so
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Why would a baby have a red patch on his or her head?

It is hard to say without more description or pictures. It could be normal ("stork bite" or from pressure - they way they are positioned). It could be something benign s
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What if your baby fell of the bed and bumped his head?

Well if its crying then that's ok but if it fell anywhere near its soft spot which is located on the top of a babys head where the brain is,then you need to go to the doctor N
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It is quite possible that you have a water quality issue and need to change at least 50% of the water in your tank, or your goldfish is showing early signs of Hole in the Head