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According to the Australian Government's Geoscience website, the mainland area of Australia is 7 659 861 sq km, and the total land area (including 32 163 sq km for the islands) of Australia is 7 692 024 sq km. This equates to about 2 969 907 sq miles.

If you add the marine area of Australia (410 977 sq km), the total surface area of the continent, including its immediate islands and their waters, is 8 103 001 sq km. This figure excludes all the offshore territories of Australia.

Australia is the smallest continent, but not the largest island. In area, it is the 6th largest country in the world. It is larger than the USA, if one excludes Alaska.

Australia's total mainland coastline length is 35 877 km.
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What is the size of the average house in Australia?

According to the 2002-3 Census conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the size of the average floor area of new houses built in Australia during that period was 227.6 m2. This is up from 188.7 m2 in 1993-4 and 162.2 m2 in 1984-5.

What is the size of Australia compared to the US?

Geographically, the US is larger, but Australia is approximatelythe same size as the contiguous states. The population of the US is very much larger than Australia's.Australia has 20.8 million people compared to the US population of299.1 million. There's a helpful graphic in related links to illust (MORE)

What sizes are the states of Australia?

Areas of Australian states . The following are in square kilometres. The first measurement is the mainland area, the second is the island area, and the final figure is the total area. Western Australia 2 526 786 3 089 2 529 875 Queensland 1 723 936 6 712 1 730 648 South Australia 978 8 (MORE)

What is an American size L in Australia?

An American size L in Australia is equivalent to 16. But this isfor American size L that is 12. If it is American size L that is14, then the equivalent size in Australia is 18.

What is Australia comparable in size to?

Any number of comparisons might be drawn involving the size of Australia.. The size of Australia is approximately the same as that of the 48 contiguous states of the USA ("the Lower 48"), which is to say the continental USA minus Alaska..

How big in size is Germany compared to Australia?

The area within the borders of Germany (357,114 square kilometers)would be able to fit on the Australian island more than 20 timesover. Australia spans 7,692,014 square kilometers, and is 21.5times the size of Germany.

What is American size 3 in Australia?

Well, it would be a seven. But most Australian shops use even sizes, so either a six or an eight. It's definitely an eight and could also be a nine

What continent can Australia be compared with in size?

1. Asia - 44,579,000 sq km 2. Africa - 30,221,532 sq km 3. North America - 24,709,000 sq km 4. South America - 17,840,000 sq km 5. Antarctica - 14,000,000 sq km (island continent) 6. Europe - 10,180,000 sq km 7. Australia - 7,527,172 sq km (island continent) Australia is closest in siz (MORE)

How big is a queen sized bed in Australia?

A bed manufacturer gave the following dimensions for mattresses in New Zealand. (These are likely to be the same as Australia.) Note that the bed itself will be larger and will vary according to the design. Dimensions are in mm. Single 1880L x 915W Long Single 1980L x 915W King Single 1980L x (MORE)

England size comparison Australia?

The total land and water area of Australia, including islands, is 7,686,850 sq km. The total land and water area of the United Kingdom is 244,820 sq km. This means Australia is more than 31 times the size of the United Kingdom, including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.. However, the (MORE)

Relative size of Australia?

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world with a relativesize of 7,692,024 square kilometers. It accounts for five percentof the world's total land area.

What is the world rank in size of Australia?

Russia - 17,078,000 sq km . Canada - 9,970,610 sq km . China - 9,579,000 sq km . USA - 9,363,130 sq km . Brazil - 8,511,965 sq km . Australia - 7,682,300 sq km . India - 3,166,830 sq km . Argentina - 2,777,815 sq km . Kazakhstan - 2,717,300 sq km . Sudan - 2,505,813 sq km

What is Australia size to Texas size?

Texas has an area of 696,241 sq km. Australia's area is 7 659 861 sq km, excluding islands. Therefore, Australia is about 11 times the size of Texas.

What is the size of the Organic Skincare Market in Australia?

The 'organic' skin care market in Australia is larger as a percentage of the overall market than any other global market. This puts Australia at the front of the organic movement. Brands such as Jurlique and Russell Organics - http://www.russellorganics.com supply the market with organic and toxin f (MORE)

Where and what size is the largest meteor crater in Australia?

A meteor only hits the Earth's atmosphere, not the Earth itself. When it impacts the Earth's surface, it is called a meteorite.. The largest meteorite crater in Australia is the Wolfe Creek crater which is also the second largest meteorite crater in the world. The crater has a diameter of about 875 (MORE)

Size of western australia?

Western Australia covers a total of 975,920 square miles. Thepopulation of Western Australia is 1.959 million people, and thelargest city is Perth, with a population of 1.832 million.

Location and size of South Australia?

South Australia lies in the central south of the mainland of the Australian continent. It is bordered by Western Australia on the west, the Northern Territory in the north, and Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria in the east. It covers an area of approximately 985,000 square kilometres.

What is the size of Australia compared to Mexico?

Mexico has a surface area of 1,972,550 square kilometers (761,606 sq mi), while Australia has 7,617,930 square kilometers (2,941,299 sq mi) of area. Australia is almost four times the size of Mexico.

What size is Australia in length?

A two dimensional space cannot be describe by one dimension, you need a length and a width. The continent is 3 700 km from North to South and 4 000km from East to West. This varies, as the coastline takes a lot of bends and curves.

What is the size of Australia in comparison with India?

Australia is 2.3 times size of India Australia's area is - 7617930 sqkm (ranked 6th largest country in the world) India's area is - 3287240 sqkm (ranked 7th largest country in the world) Which calculates out that Australia is approximately 2.3 times the size of India.

What is Australia the size of?

Believe it or not, Australia is the same size as mainland America. This is not including south America or any of the islands. Everyone just thinks Australia is smaller because it has a smaller population. This is because as the middle of Australia is mostly desert, the majority of the population l (MORE)

Does Australia use a4 paper size?

No, Australia is one of the few countries in the world that use A3 as their standard format size. Even if it does, A3 and A4 are all part of the A series paper sizes defined by ISO 216.

What size is Queensland Australia?

The land area of Queensland, Australia is 1 723 936 sq km . The length of its border is 3 339 km . It has a population of approximately 4 569 100 people, as of January 2011.

What is a size 0 in Australia?

Usually refers to a size of baby clothing. Newborns generally fit into size 0000 or 000 then the next size up is 00, followed by 0, then size 1 (ie. about 1 year old).

What is a typical class size in Australia?

The average class size for the early years of Prep and Year 1 isabout 25 children. Up to year 6, it then becomes about 28,depending on the type of school and its location. Most classes inyears 7, 8 and 9 tend to be around 28 as well. In high school,class sizes differ because students choose their su (MORE)

What is the size of Brazil compared to Australia?

Brazil covers an area slightly larger, at 8,515,767 squarekilometers (3,287,597 square miles). Australia has an area of7,692,024 square kilometers (2,969,907 square miles). In terms of most total area by country, Brazil ranks fifth in theworld. Australia follows closely behind at sixth.