What is the size of Sicily?

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Sicily is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea. The population of Sicily is five million people and it has an area of 9,900 square miles.

Where is Sicily?

Sicily is an autonomous region of Italy, it is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Minor islands around it are also considered to be part of Sicily.

What rivers are there in Sicily?

Alcantara. Anapo. Belice. Calcinara. Ciane. Crinisus. Dirillo. Dittaino. Gela. Grande. Helorus. Hypsas. Irminio. Longanus. Mazaro. Platani. Salso. Verdura

Is Sicily a city?

Sicily is an autonomous region of Italy and it's largest island. Taken from Answers.com: . The island was once a city-state in its own right, and as the Kingdom of Sic

Is Sicily independent?

Wikipedia describes Sicily as "an autonomous region of Italy". Autonomous, but from my somewhat limited understanding, not entirely independent.

What can you do in Sicily?

There a lot of things to do in Sicily ! You can go visit Mount Etna a volcano in Tourmina . You could also visit the capital of Sicily which is Messina . You could go
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How do you move to Sicily?

you go to Sicily and buy a house and live there, as long as you are an EU resident otherwise you'd need to get paperwork done. god some people's questions are ridiculous.
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Was Sicily in Carthage?

No, Carthage was in North Africa (today's Tunis).
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Is Sicily a continent?

No. It is an island that is part of Italy. Italy is in the continent of Europe.