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the diameter of human hair varies from about 40 microns to 120 microns. a micron or micrometer is a millionth of a meter. Copy paper thickness is about 100 microns (or 0.1 millimeter).
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Why do humans have hair?

I'm pretty sure its to keep warm like if u had no eyebrows or your bald ,lets say all the hair on your body was gone you would be chili most of the time Humans are mammals, an

What does the human hair do?

Essentially, human hair is meant to protect certain parts of the body from extreme temperatures.

Why do humans have hairs?

Humans are mammals, and this is a common characteristic of the class. Hair is useful for many things in mammals, protection, warmth, camouflage, and so on.

How is human hair and dog hair different?

The dog hair is clearly thicker. It appears to have a diameter of ~30µm while the human hair is ~25µm thick. The segments of the dog hair appear to be smaller. They appear t

How is the human hair different from animal hair?

Animal hair, also known as fur, and human hair are both essential to the host creatures' environmental comfort and temperature regulation. However, the composition and structu

Does anyone remember a tv show where there was two presenters a girl with blonde hair and a fella but there was also i think two human sized robots?

Sounds something like the Amazing ( or Magical) world of Alakazam. the lead players were Magician Mark Wilson and his wife Nannie Darnell. Ms. Darnell usually wore what I late
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Is yaki hair human hair?

(Yaki) is a hair texture that is designed to look and feel like African American Hair (Black Peoples) that has been through a processing to make their own hair straight. This