What is the slang term for the BBC?

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The BEEB, or Auntie.
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What does the slang term fcc mean?

Federal Communications Commission Note: the above is a proper acronym for a government agency, not slang. Perhaps the question writer was looking for something like "Final Cr

What is a slang term?

a slang term is a word used instead of the "official" terminology, and made common by use.

What does polo mean as a slang term?

In Costa Rica, the word polo is used to describe a person, object or situation that would be considered lame in terms of acceptable popular social standards. Other terms that

What is the slang term for policeman?

There are many, and it depends on which country you are in. In Canada and the U.S.A., they are are probably most often referred to as ' cops ' (an acronym for Constable On Pat

What does strawberry mean in slang terms?

a red and yellow infected bell-end LOL, yeah usually means a guy has thrush, which is basically a yeast infection of his gerry helmet ( slang ) which is treatable using canest