What is the sled dog's breed in Jack London's 'Call of the wild?

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The main dog character in Call of The Wild was named Buck and he was a mixed breed. The father was a St. Bernard and the mother was a Scotch Shepard. A great number of the dogs taken for working during the gold rush were mutts. Any dog big enough to pull a sled was put to work so they were not necessarily what we would call "sled dogs" even though they did pull sleds. Also, a lot of them were huskies.
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Why did Jack London write call of the wild?

i think its because he saw a story in his journey to the Klondike and wanted to make . a good selling story about how harsh of a life it was for the dogs in the Klondike . when you read the story you can feel the sorrow in the dogs life. i am not positive but that's my answer

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What breed of dogs are on a sled team?

a lot of huskies or dogs with thick fur [snow dogs as they are most commonly known] (AvalonHealer) I have a minuture Greman Spitz but the full size ones are used to pull sleds. But yea Huskies alot of the time. My German spitz has special pads that are really warm so that when hey run in the snow (MORE)

Who are the sled dogs in call of the wild?

People . Judge Miller. Buck's original owner. Manuel. Judge Miller's gardener - kidnaps Buck. The man in the red sweater. the person who teaches Buck to obey a man with a club. Francois. French Canadian mail carrier who drives Buck's team. Perrault. French Canadian mail carrier who drives (MORE)

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What kind of breed are sled dogs?

Well, actually, there are many breeds that are used to pull dogsleds, and several more that are capable of it. Most that are actually used are of the Spitz type. Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and Sammoyeds are some traditional examples. The Alaskan Husky is recently created breed of sled dog (MORE)

What are the dog breeds in The Call of the Wild?

The main one is a mixed breed.....the others are huskies. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *. Buck (the main charater) is a saint bernard cross scotch shepard. Curly is a newfoundland. Spitz is discribed as "a big, snow-white fellow". Billie and Joe are bothers, both pure bred huskies. Dav (MORE)

What was Jack London's real name?

John Griffith Chaney is the name on his birth certificate but after his mother got married to John London (Jack London's stepfather) is mother renamed him to Jack London.

What is the resolution to call of the wild by Jack London?

The resolution of the call of the wild is after falling action. The falling action is obviously after the climax. The Climax is when Buck discovers John Thornton dead. In fact, most of that scene would be the climax. It is the turning point. The falling action is his vigil over the body; The res (MORE)

How was Jack London's life growing up?

Jack London was born in San Francisco, in 1916. Jack got his first job at 10 years of age. He had to work all the time to make money for his family. He quit school at the age of 13 to hold more odd jobs. He graduated from high school in a year, and he went to the University of California for a semes (MORE)

Are sled dogs wild?

No - they are domesticated dogs, like any other pet dog. Wolves, on the other hand, are wild animals. Any mix of a wolf and a domesticated dog will usually display the behaviors of the wolf (shy, easily spooked, not good with people, etc.) and should be avoided. It is illegal to keep them in many pa (MORE)

What was the ending of the story of Call of the wild by Jack London?

The final chapter ends with John Thorton setting off with Buck to the east to discover a lost mine which supposedly will make one rich. They wander in the wilderness, hunting and fishing and living off the land, until they reach a shallow place in a valley full of gold. The men earn thousands of dol (MORE)

What is Jack London's occupation?

Jack London (January 12, 1876 - November 22, 1916) was an American author who wrote The Call of the Wild, White Fang, and The Sea Wolf along with many other popular books.

What was Jack London's opinion of Jack The Ripper's London?

Several years after the onset of the Ripper crimes, author Jack London spent time in Whitechapel in London's East End. This fascinating, appauling look at Victorian London in the East End gave an all too honest look at the people the Ripper preyed on. Crime was rampant, as was poverty, alcoholism (MORE)

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What is the evidence of naturalism in Jack London's The Call of the Wild?

Jack London uses literary naturalism in writing Call of the Wild . Literary naturalism is the belief that when humans return to their natural, primitive state in nature, they will regain their natural instincts and become wild. In simpler terms, if humans go back to the wild, they become wild. The (MORE)

What is Mercedes' luggage a symbol of in The Call of the Wild by Jack London?

In the book, Call of the Wild , Mercedes' luggage is symbolicof civilization . She has many belongings that she broughtwith her, and she is unwilling to part with any of them. It wasmore than the dogs could pull, but yet she still insisted. It drewa very clear line between civilization and the wil (MORE)

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What was Jack London's favorite part in the book call of the wild?

I think Jack Londons's favorite part of the book (and my favorite part) is when Buck was able to pull the thousand pound sled.Being able to stun Matthewson (who is filled with confidence) and all those who didn't believe he could even budge it.He also wins John Thorntan $1000.I love it when John hol (MORE)

Where did Jack London research Call of the Wild?

During the days of Jack London original esteemed novels were created out of no research. They stemmed up from pure imagination, blending read and experienced things, tales of travellers, rumours and anything else circulating in people's minds.

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Is The Call of the Wild is about the adventures of a sled dog?

No! its about a boy who survives a plane crash. Then, he has to use everything the environment has to survive. At the end he goes back in the plane to get the survival pack. Then, he finds a transmitter and doesn't know what it is. After that a plane comes by and finds him. He is then fine and livin (MORE)