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What is the smallest school to ever be in the NCAA tourney?

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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee I call foul on this answer, UWM has 24,273 undergrads. Without knowing the exact answer, just for arguments sake, Wake Forest has 4,321 undergrads.
According to the Carnegie Foundation, Davidson had 1,714 students in 2004. And according to the Princeton Review (which is probably more current), it has 1,668. So around 1,700.
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Has there ever been a time when there were no number 1 seeds in the final four NCAA tourney?

1980 (Louisville #2, UCLA #8, Purdue, #6, Iowa #6) Per Wiki.... At least one #1 seed has made the Final Four in every year except: 1980 Louisville #2, Iowa #5, Purdue #6 &

Who is the smallest player to play NCAA football?

For this College Football season its Brandon Banks from Kansas State University who recently scored on a 45 yard TD reception in the first quarter against Louisville. Brandon

What 15 seeds beat 2 seeds in NCAA tourney?

Richmond over Syracuse in 1991 Santa Clara over Arizona in 1993 Coppin State over South Carolina in 1997 Hampton over Iowa State in 2001 Norfolk State over Missouri in

Can high school players skip college ball to go to the pros without ever playing a minute in the NCAA?

Yes, it's actually very common in baseball. Fortunately, though, MLB teams are starting to lean towards college players more than high school players. You're eligible for the

What is the smallest school to play in the NCAA Final Four?

I spent a little time researching this but can't find any source for historic enrollment numbers at all of these schools. I found articles referring to Billy Packer's Wake For

Has a NCAA Division 1 school ever been ranked first in footballll and basketball at the same time?

NCAA First in Footbal and Basketball at Same Time?     In the middle of the 1950 season, the University of Kentucky, UK, was ranked #1 in both. I doubt this is the o