What is the soft spot on a baby's head called?

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The soft spots on a baby's head are called fontanelles. There are two of them, the larger one close to the front of the head, and a smaller one that closes soon after birth further back on the head.
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What is the soft spot on baby's head?

The soft spots are known as fontanelles. There are two of them and they may vary in size a little bit. The one at the back of the head is usually smaller than the other and tr

What if a baby's soft spot hard?

Normally If a fontanelle is hard, baby has a temperature, loss of appetite, this isn't a great sign. The best thing to do is see a doctor. As it could be something quite serio

The baby's soft spot is called?

The one on the top of the head is called the anterior fontanelle and the one at the back is called posterior fontanelle

Soft spots of a newborn baby's head?

The bones on baby's head are not fully grown and joined yet. because the head is the biggest part of the body, this also helps at birth, because bones can move a little bit an

A baby's soft spot?

Anterior frontanelle is the soft spot because its a small section where the skull has not yet formed
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What are soft spots in a babys head called?

"Fontanelle" (sometimes spelled "fontanel".) There are actually four of them, but the anterior fontanelle (directly on top) is usually the most noticeable.
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What is the soft spot on the infant's head called?

There are actually two soft spots on an infant's head and they'recalled "fontanelles". The posterior fontanelle is a soft spotlocated on the back of the infant's head. The ant