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sinfuliphonerepo.com once entered hit add anyway and go to return to cydia then choice anroid lock xt cracked hit install then once done hit restart spring board hit home then go to settings and find anrdoid lock enable it hit change pattern to what you want and done
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How do you download cydia?

To get cydia, visit jailbreakme.com - from there you can check  which device you have and find out how to jailbreak (which gets you  cydia). You may need to download an app

Is cydia bad?

Cydia is a way of installing themes, modifications, and applications on an iOS device. Many people love it and after using it can't live without it. However, because the apps

How do you fix cydia?

You should have Springboard/Winter board if you have downloaded Cydia. Step 1. Press the top button on your iOS Device for about 5 seconds. Step 2. Slide the button to pow

How do you get cydia?

  If you have 3.0, this is the video that helped me out   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTTYW7JhJWg&feature=channel_page

Is cydia illegal?

i don't know i was the first person to ask this question because i want to download it on my touch so i was looking at a you tube video and a word bubble popped up and said it

What does android can do?

Android is basically an Operating System designed by Google for Cell phones. The term android can also refer to as a Human Robot. In fact when ever anybody comes across the

What is Android?

Android is an open source platform for mobile phones. It is  developed by Google and is installed on over 1 billion devices. It  is currently the worlds most popular mobile

Why is cydia bad?

It enables your phone or device to more malicious software than Android phones have! It's like unlocking the door for the devil, trust me, I KNOW.

How can you get Cydia?

In order to get Cydia on your iPhone you must first jailbreak your phone. This is done by downloading software on your computer that completes the jailbreak for you. The softw

Is cydia good?

Yes, it supplies lots of good themes, tweaks and system mods for your iDevice. However it can get annoying because is has to reload the data every time you download an item o

What is cydia?

A third party application for the ipod that downloads only on jailbroken ipods.

What is an Android?

 Android is a mobile OS made by GOOGLE for smartphones. Android  can support 3G and 4G technologies. 60% of Android apps are free  which makes it very attractive for any s

How do you unstall cydia?

What you do is go to your cydia on your ipod touch or iphone. Well next you go to manage, then selected passages, next you go to cydia installer and click on it then you press

What is android-?

Android is an operating system that has primarily been designed for  tablet computers, smartphones and touchscreen mobile devices.

What does android do?

Android is a mobile operating system found in many smartphones. It  is responsible for making your phone run smoothly and allows your  phone to run apps.