What is the speed of Halley's comet?

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The comet has a changing velocity, from around 1 km sec at aphelion to 100 km/sec or more when it is closest to the Sun. The speed estimated as it passed Earth's orbit in 1910 was 70 km/sec (254,016 km/h or 157,838 mph).

Like everything else in space, Halley's Comet follows an elliptical orbit. When it is closest to the Sun, it is moving fastest, and when farthest away, it is moving quite slowly. Right now, Halley's Comet is out beyond the orbit of Neptune, moving slowly and slowing down even more as it climbs away from the Sun. In about 10 years, it will reach aphelion, at which time it will be almost completely stopped relative to its distance from the Sun, and then it will begin the long fall into the inner solar system.
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What is Halley's comet?

a comet that passes around earth every 76 years. It has gone by in 1835, 1910, 1986, and will return in 2061

How did the discovey of Halley's comet come about?

Chinese astronomers noted the regular cycles of Halley's comet in the years following its appearance in 239 BC. English astronomer Edmond Halley (1656-1742) studied the behavi

Does Halley's comet have a similar comet to it?

Hally's comet does have a similar comet to it im not sure what its called all i know is instead of coming around every few hundred of years it comes around every few thousand

What was Halley's Comet?

Halley's comet is a comet named after a Edmund Halley and it comes every 76 years so it will most likely come in 2061

What is the average speed of Halley's Comet?

The speed of Halley's Comet varies considerably, because its orbit is so elongated. At its farthest point in its orbit, it is travelling less than 1 km/sec (3600 km/hr). When

What is the speed of Halley's Comet when it is nearest Earth?

The elongated orbit of Halley's Comet means that it has considerable velocity relative to the Earth and the Sun when it makes its closest approaches. Although estimates for

What is Difference between comet and Halley's comet?

A comet is a type of object that orbits the Sun. "Halley's comet" is just one specific comet. A comet is a type of object that orbits the Sun. "Halley's comet" is just one sp

What makes Halley's comet a comet?

its tail has a blueish color trail. -- Other then its tail like figure in space (which is made of gas and dust), just about all comets have similar traits, such as how t