What is the story behind the origin of the pine tree?

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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Pina who had rough skin, same as the bark of a tree. People always tease her about this. She never even had friends because she is ugly. Despite the situation she was still beautiful at heart. She was kind, generous and friendly. She always help the people in their village.

To get away with her problems she goes to the mountains. She enjoyed it there for nobody teases her there. Only the trees can see her, and the trees naturaly don't laugh at people.

One day at the forest as she was marvelling at the trees, she thought how nice would it be if she was a tree. She can provide shade, lumber, fresh air, in short she would be very useful and people would love her. So she wished to be a tree. With this thoughts, she fell asleep.

An enchantres heared this and took pity so she granted Pina's wish. In the next morning. Pina woke up as a tree, but indeed a happy tree. When the people saw this tree they thought it was Pina because of its rough bark, so they named it Pina tree. As years pass by it became Pine tree. And when you go to Bagiuo you can see the beautiful pine trees there.
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How many pine cones in a pine tree?

Answer . Well there isn'ta specific answer to your question because pine trees can have many but no specific number. Answer . Well there isn'ta specific answer to your question because pine trees can have many but no specific number

Is there a myth or story behind the origin of Christianity?

There is quite a story but certainly no myth. The Christian faith is based on a real person who walked the earth, who really was crucified and buried but who rose again. The first Christians were specifically and very simply witnesses to these events. The origin of Christianity cannot easily be expl (MORE)

What is the story of the legend of the pine tree?

In the woods there grew a little pine tree, and its leaves were long, slender, green needles. It was very little, indeed, and although there were many other trees around it, it felt quite alone as there were no other pine trees near by. The little pine tree was proud of its fine, green needles whe (MORE)

Where did pine trees originate from?

Pine trees originated in the northern hemisphere over 140 millionyears ago. The oldest tree, a bristlecone pine, is about 4,600years old and is located in California.

In the story Sees Behind Trees Why did the Weroance have the new contest first?

Because she's smart. If she had all of the other boys shoot the moss from the sky first, and then had Walnut see behind trees, it would have seemed like she gave him a different task because he could not perform the normal one. It would have been a consolation prize. Additionally, someone might have (MORE)

What kind of tree is a pine tree?

A pine is one of about 115 species of tall green tree with green needles sticking/pointing out. Technically a pine is an evergreen (does not shed its needles in the fall) coniferous tree. Its Latin name is genus Pinus of family Pinaceae (subfamily Pinoideae).

What is the origin of the pine tree?

It is believe that the pine tree originated in the NorthernHemisphere. However, pine trees are found in the Canary Islands andScotland as well.

How do you get pine cone seeds from a pine tree?

Pine cones open up by themselves and then drop the seeds. Sometimes, wildfires make the cones open up. So I'm guessing that you can either wait right under a pine cone and wait for it to open up or you might possibly (note that this has not been tested and may not work) light a candle right undernea (MORE)

Are pine trees related to cedar trees?

Yes, cedars and pines are both gymnosperms. However, both pine and cedar are common names and refer many different types of trees. Some cedars and pine are in the same plant family, others are only more distantly related.

How do you identify a pine tree from cedar tree?

Although they both belong to the same family there is a difference in the leaves or needles. Cedars bear their short needles in rosettes along the branches and pines usually have much longer needle grown in clumps toward the end of the twigs.. There are many species of pines but only 4 types of ced (MORE)

Is a pine tree a deciduous tree?

No - A Pine tree is a mountain alpine tree and have modified leaves & cones. Deciduous trees lose their leaves every year, their leaves only last for a few months, where as pine needles last between one and several years. Although pine needles are shed they will not be shed until after new ones (MORE)

Why is a pine tree a coniferous tree?

Coniferous means cone-bearing, or carrying. A pine tree has cones, so it is a coniferous tree. Similarly Lucifer means light-bearing, and aquifer means water-bearing.

The story of the origin of the pine tree by IV Mallari?

there once live a girl by the name of Bangan. She was good,andhonest,gentle and charming.She liked the company of people,and sheenjoyed doing things for them.Despite all these,no one likedbangan's company for her skin was rough,being covered withpimplesand ringworms.She even had to work alone by her (MORE)

Does pine tree sap glow?

No it doesn't, least not in complete darkness but placing it in a black light might produce different results...however I do know there is a tree that has a glowing sap because I seen the aftermath of a tree that was cut down at my friends house, not sure what kind of tree it was, but I helped him c (MORE)

Are pine trees real?

Yes, of course pine trees are real. That's where pine needles and pine cones come from.

The story of origin of pine tree?

once upon a time there was a girl named pina who had rough skinsame as the bark of the tree.People always tease her about this.Shenever even

What pine trees have pine cones?

ALL pine trees are cone-bearing -that's where the pine-nuts come from. AND that is WHY they are classified as coniferous. (Coniferous means cone bearing.)

Does a pine tree eat or not?

Yes, it eats little children who have been naughty and whoever dares to come near it, consuming their flesh down to the bone. Leaving nothing but a soul-less skeletal graveyard around it's bare roots. I hope that has answered your question!

Is a pine tree a needle leaf tree?

Yes. They are needle leaf trees just like spruces, firs, hemlocks, larches, cedars, and many others. You can usually tell a pine tree because they will have longer leaves (maybe 3 to 9 inches) than the other needle leaf trees and they are anganged in bundles of 2-5, depending on the species.

What is a salt pine tree?

It is a fictional tree from Jim Crace's novel "Being Dead". None of the plants, bugs, people, or customs in the book are real. Even the poem that opens the book was made up by the author. There is no such thing as a "quivering". There is no Mondazy, no goatherders book and there is no such thing as (MORE)

How high can a pine tree grow?

A height of 268.35 feet (81.79 meters) is considered among the maximum known heights for a pine tree ( Pinus spp ). Specifically, that figure is on record for the specific example of a Ponderosa Pine ( P. ponderosa ) in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest of Oregon. The mature height of (MORE)

Where do you find a pine tree?

You can find a pine tree in a forest but not every state grows them sometimes you have to go to a Christmas tree farm to get one.

Why is there a pine tree in Christmas?

the pine tree's needles never fall off in the same way leaves do, so it stays green throughout the whole year. This is a symbol of how God's love for us never fails. Also, the tree appears to take the shape of an upright triangle, symbolizing the reason for the season...

Do pine trees have rhizomes?

Idk but jesus loves you and if you don't repent you will go to hell. avoid this and repent and give your life to God

Is fir trees the same as pine trees?

No, but they are both known as coniferous trees, which means they are cone bearing. They do have many similarities so they can be easily confused if you are not very familiar with dendrology (the study of trees). As above all are conifers but firs are the Abies family and pines are of the Pinus fa (MORE)

What pine trees can you eat pine nut from?

Pine nuts are edible seeds from pine trees. In Europe pine nuts are harvested from the Stone Pine or the Swiss Pine. In Asia pine nuts are harvested from the Korean Pine in northeastern Asia and are harvested from the Chilgoza Pine in the western Himalaya. Also in Asia pine nuts are harvested from t (MORE)

Can you use pine trees for Christmas trees?

You bet! We use them every year! They can get messy, though, especially when you get rid of them. Just keep a blanket of something around the base for easy cleaning (and decoration!).

How is pine tree and maple tree are the same?

...They're not the same. Maple trees are like regular trees and pine trees are Christmas trees. Maple trees produce syrup that you can eat. Where-as pine trees make sap but you can't eat that.

How is the pine tree different from other trees?

well the particles in pine trees are mixed with the salinity of the leaves on the ground mixed with the worms & the bacteria. it is also another reason that trees are different because the leaves of the trees have 0.3 of the particles needed to produce gummy bears.

What are the similarities of pine tree and mango tree?

... wala kaming paki alam jan ang intindihin nyu kung panu nyo masasagot ang mga itinatanung sa inyo . hindi yung tinanung namin sa inyo tapos tatanung nyo rin sa amin . kung wala kaung isasagot edi sana d na lang kau gumawa ng account nyo ... bwesi . putang ina nyo