What is the sum of 14 hundredths and fourteen tenths?

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It is: 14/100 plus 14/10 = 77/50 in its simplest form or 1.54 as a decimal
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What was point 14 of the fourteen points?

"A general association of nations must be formed under specific covenants for the purpose of affording mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity to grate and small states alike" Which pretty much means: The League of Nations should be formed.

What is the angle sum of a fourteen sided shape?

The sum of the internal angles of a regular polygon with n sides is (n - 2) x 180 degrees. Therefore, the sum of the internal angles of a 14-sided shape (a tetrakaidecagon) is (14 - 2) x 180 = 2160 degrees.

50 hundredths how many tenths?

There are 100 hundredths in each 1. There are 10 tenths in each 1. This means there are 10 hundredths in each tenth. Therefore, there are 5 tenths in 50 hundredths. 1 tenth = .1. 1 hundredth = .01. 50 hundredths = .50. Divide one tenth into 50 hundredths = .50/.1 = 5.

How do you write twelve and fourteen hundredths in decimal form?

12.14 The whole-number part, 12, is the part left of the decimal point. The position first right of the decimal point is the tenths place; the position second right of the decimal point is the hundredths place. We can't write "14" in the single-column hundredths place. And in fact, 10 hun (MORE)

What is the sum of 14?

There is not enough in this question to provide an answer for. There is a need for more information.

Why is 4 tenths and 2 hundredths greater than 2 tenths and 4 hundredths?

Because a tenth is 0.1 And a hundredth is 0.001 Therefore, 4 tenths and two hundredths would be 0.42, whereas two tenths and four hundredths would be 0.24. Because 4/10ths and 2/100ths can also be combined and written as 42/100ths. If you do the same with 2/10ths and 4/100ths you get 24/100ths, whi (MORE)

How many hundredths are in 4 tenths?

1= 10x.01, 100x.001, 1000x.0001, etc, etc. four tenths 4/10 = forty hundredths 40/100 as forty hundredths = four-hundred thousandths 400/1000.

The sum of 14 and the sum of 8?

You can't take a sum if you only have one number. If you mean the sum of 14 and 8, well, just add them... 14 + 8 = 22... XD

What is tenths and hundredths?

a tenth on a scale would look like 0.10 and a hundredth would look like .1 0. 100 first number after the 0 . (point)1 is the point everything after would be 0.1(hundredth) 0 thousandth) 0

What is 8 tenths of 53 hundredths?

this problem is notated as such: (8/10)*(53/100) and the answer is 53/125 to do this without a calculator one must multiple the numerators. and then the denominators and then reduce.

What is the sum of -14 plus 14?

Zero. It's pretty easy because if you owe somebody $ 14.00 and you don't have any money. So know you are in the negatives because you owe that person money - $ 14.00. All you have to do know since your allowance maybe $ 14.00 you do - $ 14.00 + $ 14.00= 0 so know you don't have to pay that person an (MORE)

Will 75 be in the tenths or hundredths?

I do not understand what you are asking. Seventy Five would be 7 in the tens (10) place and 5 in the ones (1) place. If you want .75 (point seven five) then 7 is in the tenths (1/10) place and 5 is in the hundredths (1/100) place. This number could read as 'seventy five hundredths'. Hope this helps. (MORE)

Does 14cm equal 14 hundredths?

Yes . . . 14 hundredths of a meter. Nothing else. A meter is approximately 3.3 feet long. Since one centimeter is one hundredth (cent, as in century (100 years) or the most basic form of U.S. currency (100 cents in a dollar)) of a meter, 14 centimeters is indeed 14 hundredths of a meter.

Does the decimal point separate the tenths from the hundredths?

No. It separates the ones place from the tenths place. Examples 5.89 The decimal is between the 5 in the ones place and the 8 in the tenths place. 43.26 The decimal is between the 3 in the ones place and the 2 in the tenths place. 147.902 The decimal is between the 7 in the ones place and the 9 i (MORE)

Why is a tenths larger than hundredths?

Using length for our discussion, each mark in a given distance has a specific amount of space between each other. 'Less marks' (10 for example) means greater distance between marks as opposed to trying to fit 100 marks in the same given length. In the latter case, you have to 'scrunch' them closer t (MORE)

Why tenths are bigger than hundredths?

-- To get tenths, you chop one thing up into 10 pieces. -- To get hundredths, you chop one thing up into 100 pieces. Naturally they have to be smaller than when you only chopped it into 10.

How many hundredths are in 5 tenths?

5/10 = 50/100 so fifty of them. There are fifty 'hundredths'. This could reflect the fraction as a percentage, but since the multiplication is easy, you can express the answer as a fraction over 100 by multiplying both values by 10.

How do you round to the nearest tenth and hundredth?

Always look at the next digit. If it's between 0 & 4 inclusive- round the number down. If it's between 5 & 9 inclusive -round up. Take the numbers 10.094 and 10.096. 10.094 would round down - to 10.09... 10.096 would round up to read 10.10

How do you write six and fourteen hundredths?

6.14 (The first column in front of the point is the ones. Therefore6 ones. The first column is the tenths and the next is hundredths)*Th* as a suffix indicated (in maths) any position or column afterthe decimal point (.) .

What is rounded to the nearest tenth and hundredth?

When rounding to a specific place, take a look at the digitimmediately to the right of the target, in this case, thehundredths and thousandths place. If that digit is 4 or less, zeroeverything to the right of the target out. If that digit is 5through 9, increase the target by one and zero everything (MORE)

How is 30 hundredths and 3 tenths the same?

They're the same ratio, the same relationship to each other.Imagine you have ten identical things, three of them are red andseven of them are blue. 3/10 of the total is red. Now imagine youhave ten similar piles. 30 out of 100 are red. 0.3 = 0.30 = 30% = 30/100 = 3/10 They're all the same thing.