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What is the survival rate for pancreatic cancer?

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If we take a look at all pancreatic cancers, one-year survival rate is about 20%. The five-year rate drops to about 5%. These dismal figures are probably due to the fact that about 9 out of 10 patients have a tumor or tumors in other places as well as the pancreas when they are diagnosed. Very often it is seen that malignancy is extensive and outside surgical intervention. Should resection be done, a patient might expect to survive for one and a half to two years. The five-year rate rises to about 10%. It may get into the 20% to 25% range if complete removal of the tumor is accomplished, provided the lymph nodes are free of invasion. The American Cancer Society generally has data (including statistics) for the different types of cancer. A link to their posting on pancreatic cancer can be found below.
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