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Angelica is a member of the parsley family whose roots and fruits are used in flavoring liqueurs. Angelica is used as a poetic symbol for inspiration.
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Where did the name Angelica come from?

Angelica . 'Medieval Latin (herba) angelica, angelic (herb), angelica, from Late Latin, feminine of angelicus , angelic, from Late Greek angelikos, from Greek, of a messenger, from angelos, messenger.' from Answers.com

What does angelica mean?

ANGELICA Gender: Feminine Usage: English, Italian, Romanian Pronounced: an-JEL-i-ka (English), ahn-je-LEE-kah (Italian) [key] Derived from Latin angelicus meaning "angelic", ultimately related to Greek αγγελος (angelos) "messenger". This is the name of Juliet's nurse (MORE)

Who is Angelica in the Subtle Knife book?

Angelica Parsons is a girl of about the age of 13 who befriends Lyra Throughout the story of the Subtle Knife. She lives in a parallel universe to Lyra and Will, who climb into her world and meet her. Her character is a very gutsy and chav-like girl with a warm heart and a severe dislike of cats. Sh (MORE)

How tall is Angelica Houston?

Anjelica Houston is an Academy-Award winning American actress. Sheis the daughter of respected director John Houston. Reportedly, shehas a height of 5ft 8.5in, this is 174 cm.

Does john cena know an angelica?

It is probable that John Cena that knows a woman that is namedAngelica. He has never spoken on anyone by that name in aninterview.

Who was Angelica Vrooman?

\n Angelica Vrooman was part of the American Revolution and her role listed in history states that she took a bullet-mould, some lead, and an iron spoon in order to mould a quantity of bullets from inside her father's tent during the battle

Will Sol Angelica ever return?

Sol Angelica the artist is still among us.. The fictitional character of the ice age? Who can tell? I do not think Mrs Sandemo is writing at all these days.

Why do angelica plants attract wasps?

Well, considering that wasps drink nectar just as bees and otherpollinators do, it would make sense that since Angelica isattractive to bees for it's nectar, it would be attractive to otherinsects that drink nectar as well.

Who is Marisol Angelica Romero?

Marisol Angelica Romero was born in December 1996. Marisol is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter. Marisol has been training since mid Aug 2008 . Marisol trains under Robert Drysdale in Las Vegas, Nevada. Marisol is sponsored by The Gun Store,FightChix,and OTM Fight shop. Marisol is a 7x NAGA champion. 6x (MORE)

Will taking angelica interfere with lipitor?

No, these should be safe to take together. There is a chance that the amount of hormones could be elevated, but your doctor will have taken that into effect when he or she prescribed these two drugs together. Even with a slight increase, the data do not show any significant problems with taking thes (MORE)

Why does angelica act the way she do sometimes?

Maybe angelica has a problem at home or with her friends that you might need to consider. Try warming up to her and if she doesn't feel like talking she might need some space so let her cool down for a while. She will most likely come around unless she just has a bad attitude then I suggest that you (MORE)

Is there information about the author Angelica Gibbs?

Angelica gibbs=evan berman Angelica Gibbs was born on January 15,1955 in the city of New York. She had hard lifestyle, and her struggles greatly influenced her writing.As a child she enjoyed playing with her two brothers, Jason and Richard. Even as a little girl, writing was her passion. Her work t (MORE)

What diseases does Chinese angelica treat?

Irregular menstrual cycles, menstrual cramps, infertility, anemia, circulation aid, digestive conditions, headache, constipation, rheumatism, high blood pressure, and ulcers.

What is the Latin name of angelica?

The European species, Angelica archangelica, and the North American species, A. atropurpurea from the genus of plants in the parsley family. Species of Chinese angelica, A. sinensis, A. pubescens, A. dahurica.

What are the physical characteristics of angelica?

Western angelica grows to about 4.5 ft (1.5 m) with white to yellow flowers, and very large three-part leaves. Chinese angelica is a perennial that grows to 3 ft (1 m), a purple stem and umbrella-like clusters of flowers.

What are the precautions associated with using angelica?

Not to be taken by children or pregnant women. Angelica contains a carcinogen, safrole that causes severe sunburn upon sun exposure. Root is poisonous if used fresh. Complete avoidance of the herb may be considered desirable.

How was Western angelica named?

Western angelica, or A. archangelica, is said to have been named after an angel who revealed the herb to a European monk as a curative.

Who is nurse angelica in Romeo and Juliet?

Some people think that the name of the nurse in Romeo and Juliet is Angelica. This is because of a line in Act 4 Scene 4 of the play where Capulet says, "Look to the baked meats, good Angelica : Spare not for the cost." The Nurse is indeed onstage at this point. However, there are servants rushing a (MORE)

What angelica mean in Hawaiian?

Anelika [ah-nay-lee-ka]. It means the breathe of life that gives me chills (goosebumps). I know... strange, but true! : D

Does jack sparrow like angelica?

Is was made clear in the movie that he did at some point harbor feelings for her. But whether or not he still does was not confirmed. He seems to be genuinely concerned for her throughout the film, but at the end he basically leaves her to fend for herself on an unknown island.

Why is angelica so beautiful?

'Cause she just is, with all her imperfections. That's what makes her so beautiful... She may not know it yet, but she will.

What does Angelica mean is Spanish?

From Latin angelic um, a (from angelum) , related to angels. Actually, the Spanish spelling is "Angélica", a name for women. Garden Angelica (botanical, in English)

Is Angelica Zambrano a real story?

It is a true story, about the young Ecuadorian girl who had visionsof Heaven and Hell. Whether her visions were actually a miraculousoccurrence is widely debated.

Is Mother Angelica alive?

As of Feb 18, 2013, Mother Angelica gave a statement through The Sisters at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery, which can be seen in related the following link. Any rumors of her death are probably started by people who make statements without checking the facts. She may not appear regurlarly (MORE)

Is Mother Angelica dead?

No. As of the 15th of April 2014, she is still alive. No. As of the 15th of April 2014, she is still alive. No. As of the 15th of April 2014, she is still alive. No. As of the 15th of April 2014, she is still alive. No. As of the 15th of April 2014, she is still alive. No. As of the 15th of Apr (MORE)

When was Angelica Ott born?

Angelica Ott was born on June 14, 1944, in Schwiebus, Prussia, Germany [now Swiebodzin, Lubuskie, Poland].

What has the author Angelica Balabanoff written?

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What has the author Angelica Garnett written?

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How did Mother Mary Angelica die?

Mother Mary Angelica was diagnosed with a stroke in December 2001,not long after her retirement. She underwent surgery on February 6,2002, which marks the 91st Anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth andwas unsuccessful. Mother Mary Angelica died on the morning of March 27, 2016 at themonastery, less (MORE)