What is the symbol for candela?

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The symbol of candela is cd.
The luminous intensity or candlepower of a light is expressed in candelas.
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How many candelas equals 1 lux?

They really aren't equal because they measure two different things.However, they are related to each other. The Candela is the measure of the luminous intensity of alight source. A higher Candela number means a brighter light. Luxis a measurement of light density and means lumens persquare mete (MORE)

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How many footcandle is 1 candela per meter square?

Foot Candela is the measuring unit for illuminance while candela/meter squared is a measuring unit for luminance,which makes conversion not possible. conversion can be done for units of the same quantity, for example, illuminance units : ft candela = 10.764 lux.. To know the difference between lumi (MORE)

What is candela?

Candela is the basic SI unit of luminous intensity. In other words it is a measure of how bright/intense the human eye perceives the light in a given direction.

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What is the difference between a lumen and a candela?

The candela measures luminous intensity, whereas the lumen measures luminous flux. In simple terms, you can think of luminous intensity as being similar to 'brightness', while luminous flux is similar to the rate at which light leaves its source.

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What is the equation for candela?

A candela is the power emitted by a source of light in a set direction with a correction to account for the different sensitivity of the human eye to different wavelengths of light. One candela is defined as the luminous intensity of a light source emitting light in one direction at a frequency o (MORE)

The candela is a unit of measurement of what?

A candela is a unit of measurement for light sources and light emissions. Light beams projects different color at different wavelengths, and a candela is used to measure the intensity of the light.

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