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What is the symbolism of the word 'bog' in 'I'm Nobody Who Are You' by Emily Dickinson?

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The reference to frogs and their bog is an analogy for a person being admired by the public.
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What did Emily Dickinson write?

  Emily Dickenson was a poet, you can fine most of her poems in pooks such as "The Complete works of Emily Dickinson". A few of her poems are:   * An altered look about

What is the meaning of 'I am nobody who are you' by Emily Dickinson?

I think it means that she thinks nobody knows her and doesn't pay any attention to her. ..For one poetry is meant to invoke something in you, what does it mean to you? It actu

Did Emily Dickinson marry?

  No, Emily Dickinson did not marry. She had many close friends but she did not have many lovers. One of the possible romances she may have had was an elderly Judge by the

Awards that Emily Dickinson received?

Emily Dickinson was an American poet who was born in 1830.  Dickinson never received any awards personally for her work as most  of her work was seen after her death.

How tall was Emily Dickinson?

Her coffin was 5'6" long, so she must have been several inches shorter than that to fit in, logically. Her dress on display at the Dickinson Museum in Amherst MA is a copy, bu

Where did Emily Dickinson write poetry?

Emily had a very reclusive life. She spent her years living upstairs at her father's house, and this is where she wrote. She wrote as her way to express her feelings to the ou

Did Emily Dickinson go to college?

Emily Dickinson attend Amherst Academy for seven years in her youth. Then, she left home to study at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary. She spent only a year at Mount Holyoke beca

Paraphrasing of I'm nobody by Emily Dickinson?

I'm not important! Why are you important? Are you also unimportant? Now we can be unimportant together-- it will be our little secret! Humanity doesn't like people who decide