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Taíno religion centered on the worship of zemís or cemís. Cemís are gods, spirits, or ancestors. The major Taíno gods are Yúcahu and Atabey. Yúcahu,[14] which means spirit of cassava, was the god of cassava (the Taínos main crop) and the sea. Atabey,[15] mother of Yúcahu, was the goddess of fresh waters and fertility.[12]
The minor Taíno gods related to growing of cassava, the process of life, creation and death. Baibrama was a minor god worshiped for his assistance in growing cassava and curing people from its poisonous juice. Boinayel and his twin brother Márohu were the gods of rain and fair weather respectively.[16] Guabancex was the goddess of storms (hurricanes). Juracán is often identified as the god of storms but juracán only means hurricane in the Taíno language. Guabancex had two assistants: Guataubá, a messenger who created hurricane winds, and Coatrisquie, who created floodwaters.[17] Maquetaurie Guayaba or Maketaori Guayaba was the god of Coaybay, the land of the dead. Opiyelguabirán', a dog-shaped god, watched over the dead. Deminán Caracaracol, a male cultural hero from which the Taíno believed to descend, was worshipped as a cemí.[16] Macocael was a cultural hero worshipped as a god who had failed to guard the mountain from which human beings arose and was punished by being turned into stone or a bird or reptile depending on how one interprets the myth. Rock petroglyph overlaid with chalk in the Caguana Indigenous Ceremonial Center in Utuado, Puerto Rico.
Cemí was also the name of the physical representations of the gods. These representations came in many forms and materials and could be found in a variety of settings. The majority of cemís were crafted from wood but stone, bone, shell, pottery, and cotton were also used.[18] Cemí petroglyphs were carved on rocks in streams, ball courts, and on stalagmites in caves. Cemí pictographs were found on secular objects such as pottery, and on tattoos. Yucahú, the god of cassava, was represented with a three-pointed cemí which could be found in conucos to increase the yield of cassava. Wood and stone cemís have been found in caves in Hispaniola and Jamaica.[19] Cemís are sometimes represented by toads, turtles, snakes, and various abstract and human-like faces. Some of the carved cemís include a small table or tray which is believed to be a receptacle for hallucinogenic snuff called cohoba prepared from the beans of a species of Piptadenia tree. These trays have been found with ornately carved snuff tubes. Before certain ceremonies Taínos would purify themselves, either by inducing vomiting with a swallowing stick or by fasting.[20] After serving communal bread, first to the cemi, then to the cacique, and then to the common people, the village epic would be sung to the accompanyment of maraca and other instruments.
Taínos also employed body modification as an expression of their faith. The higher the piercing or tattoo on the body, the closer to their gods. Men usually wore decorative tattoos and the women usually had piercings.
One Taíno oral tradition explains that the sun and moon come out of caves. Another story tells of people who once lived in caves and only came out at night, because it was believed that the sun would transform them. The Taíno believed themselves descended from the union of Deminaán Caracaracol and a female turtle. The origin of the oceans is described in the story of a huge flood which occurred when a father murdered his son (who was about to murder the father), and then put his bones into a gourd or calabash. These bones then turned to fish and the gourd broke and all the water of the world came pouring out.
Taínos believed that the souls of the dead go to Coaybay, the underworld, and there they rest by day, and when night comes they assume the form of bats and eat the fruit "guayaba
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Who are the tainos?

The Tainos were Asian peoples who migrated to the Carribean islands. The tainos had caciques who were their leaders and lived in cone shaped huts. the Tainos did not like the Caribs.

Where did the Taino live?

The Taino indians lived in the Greater Antilles (Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, etc...) of the Caribbean Islands .

What did christopher Columbus do to the taino?

Columbus committed Genocide and enslaved millions of Taino Indians. When columbus left the island neighboring tribes attacked columbus' men. As a result of this the men acted out on Guancanari's tribe, which is the first tribe he encountered. The men raped and killed women. They even ripped babies o (MORE)

Where did the Tainos come from?

Some believe that they originated from the center of the AmazonBasin, and are related to the Yanomama people of that region. . Others contend that they originated in the Colombian Andes.

What did the tainos believe in?

The Taíno were mythological. They had many different deities. The word "hurricane" comes from "juracán", the name given by the Taínos to the god of the wind.

Who were the taino people?

The original native inhabitants of Haiti. Columbus and his fellow Christians slaughtered all of them within twenty five years. The current Haitians are direct descendants of the African slaves imported by France.

Who were the taino?

The Tainos were simple peaceful people who come from South America. They went island hopping in search of new lands to settle. These people were short, stout people with straight black hair. They wore little clothing and simple loin cloths for males. They often painted their bodies and pierced their (MORE)

What land did the Tainos inhabit?

The Taino culture developed on the islands of Boriken (Puerto Rico) Kiskeya (Dominican Reb.) and Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Bahamas and the southern part of Florida.

Describe the appearance of the tainos?

the taino people men and women alike were very well fitand built due to their contribution in work. they were a beautiful peoplewith very handsome bodies and very good faces. they had very fine skin and dark beatiful hairwhich they wore down over their eyebrows, except for a few strands behind which (MORE)

Did Taino women farm?

Not only did Taino women farm but they along with the men, worked on a style of gardens called Conuco. These were gardens of raised soil beds that allowed for more air to work with the planted seed. The results were frequent and abundant crops.

Where did the Taino come from?

The Taino are the native people of the Caribbean and occupied thevast regions of Hispaniola, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Bahamas in the15th century when Europeans discovered the region. Taino ancestorsoriginated from South America before they settled in the Caribbean.

What did the tainos did for recreation?

The Tainos had ample leisure time which they occupied with singing and dancing called Areytos. Women and men danced separately but sometimes both sexes dance together. On these occasions the pleasure of drinking was added. They also played a ball game called Batos,which was played on a marked field( (MORE)

Where did the tainos settle?

They settled in Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola and co-existed in Trinidad and Puerto Rico with the Kalinagos (Carib)

Were the taino people nice the Columbus?

Upon the initial meeting of Columbus and the Taino people, Columbuswrote, "They traded with us and gave us everything they had, withgood will...they took great delight in pleasing us. They are verygentle and without knowledge of what is evil; nor do they murder orsteal...Your highness may believe th (MORE)

Why didn't the Tainos fight back?

because the Tainos lacked weapons and knew they will be defeated by Columbus's me. the biggest reason is because of trust . Columbus and his men gave the people of Tainos trust by greeting them with kindness and respect. rather than by force. they just wanted to keep a clean relationship.

What part of taino culture do we have today?

Taino culture has influenced the way of life in the Spanish speaking Carribean. The Spanish language as spoken there still retains over 1000 words in their every day speech that comes from the Taino. Most of the towns and cities still retain their Taino names as do the rivers and mountain ranges. Th (MORE)

A physical description of the tainos?

the tainos were of middle height,plump in build, and had straight black hair which they usually wore long, and often decorated with parrot feathers. Whoever wrote about their foreheads were flat and sloping is one ignorant racist pig that deserves to be hit by a big dump truck.

How did the Tainos dress?

The Taino Indians of the island of Puerto Rico only wore loincloths called naguas. However, these were only worn by marriedwomen. They used colorful body paints made from plants and cottonfashioned as arm bands and leg ties to adorn their bodies.

Do the Tainos Indians exist today?

The word "Taino" means "good" or "noble" and it's rightfully so because no Spaniard ever saw these Indians fighting among themselves. They were a peaceful and generous people. At the end of the fifteenth century, they were divided into five tribes and on the verge of modern civilization and a centra (MORE)

What was the location of the Taino?

The Tainos inhabited the Antilles within the Caribbean which included the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica/ Dominican Republic, etc. All before the holocaust at the hands of the Spaniards. The population of Tainos are primarily centralized now within the Islands of Puerto Rico & C (MORE)

What was the role of the Cacique in the Taino society?

Organizing the Harvest . One of the principle duties of the cacique was to organize the harvest for his tribe. The chieftain was in charge of determining the best places to plant the crops. All caciques had the right to clear land if they wished to grow produce at a given spot. He was also in cha (MORE)

Why taino towers aparments are called taino towers?

It's called that way because the Taino Indians were native to Puerto Rico. In addition in was Puerto Ricans who propose for Taino Towers to be built in East Harlem aka El Barrio, a hub for Puerto Ricans for decades.

What did the taino Native Americans eat?

They ate many things like corn, nuts, cassava, and other roots. They lived near the ocean, and were very good fishers, and ate fish, turtles, manati, and shellfish, among many other marine life that lived in the coral reefs in the area. They also ate duck and deer.

What did the taino clothes?

The Tainos didn't wear anything,exept the married women,who weared some kind of...thing that was over the....you know.

What is the taino?

The Tainos are People who came from South America and settled at certain location as: . Jamaica. Trinidad and Tobago . Hispaniola . The Spanish Lead by Christopher Columbus soon lead a ship to the Caribbean. They thought the reached to India so they called the them Indians. .

How did the tainos survive?

The Taino were the dominant tribe in the islands of Cuba, Jamaica, Quisquella, Boriken. These are all large and mountinous islands. Many Taino women escaped slavery by marrying European men. 40% of the Spaniards in Santo Domingo were married by the Catholic church to Taino women. Once married to a S (MORE)

Where do taino live?

puerto rico and hispaniola and south america and carribean and thegreat atilles is were the taino live today

What animal did the tainos hunt?

Not much hunting went on that island because there were no large animals to hunt. But the Tainos had hunted small animals such as birds, manatees, snakes, parrots, jutias (small rodents), iguana and waterfowl. The Tainos would hollow the calabash, cutting the "eye holes" into it.

Who were the taino god?

Taino have one god called ya ya . They have cemis which are like angels that do work for god like communication with the living

How does the taino dress?

The taino's dressed in little clothing, but adorned themselves with jewelry of shells, bones, gold and semi precious material. They wore finely woven cotton, colorful feathers and beaded belts.

Where did the Taino people come from?

According to one prominant theory of human expansion across the globe, all peoples of North, Central and South America migrated originally out of central Africa, across Europe and Asia, and across the ice bridge that connected northeast Asia with what is now Alaska. The migration continued southward (MORE)

What were the foods that the tainos ate?

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What was tainos climate like?

The\nTaíno were always living in a hot climate and the countries they lived in were\nfilled with rain forests.

What is the Taino law?

The only references to "Taino" that could be found are a reference to a city in Italy, and a reference to the Taino Tribe of Caribbean 'indians' thought to have been Christopher Columbus's first contact with native people in the "New World." They were long thought to have been totally eradicated (MORE)

What the tainos do for life?

The Taino women specialized in agriculture while the men focused on hunting and fishing. The Taino tribes paid tribute to the chief. This tribe of people lived in settlements and made canoes, fishing nets, and ropes. The Taino tribes fought for many years with the Caribs until they were finally push (MORE)

Where are the Taino people from?

The Taino people are indigenous people of the Bahamas, Greater Antilles and northern Lesser Antilles. They are seafaring people and are part of the Arawak group.