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What is the tax rate on a 401k withdrawn?

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The Federal ordinary income tax rate on the 401k funds withdrawn depend on the tax rate of the individual drawing the funds.

Early withdrawals (distributions before the age of 59.5) are generally struck with an additional 10% penalty on top of the federal and state income taxes due by the individual.
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What are some tax advantages of using a 401K?

The deferred contribution amounts will NOT be included in your the box 1 of your W-2 form as taxable income for the year that you do this. The distributions amounts from the d

How can you legally escape taxes if you withdraw from 401K and transfer to son?

Many plans allow employees to take http://www.answers.com/topic/loan from their 401(k) to be repaid with after-tax funds at pre-defined http://www.answers.com/topic/interest.

How much tax will be taken out from your 401k if you withdraw it all?

Mandatory 20% when you withdraw. There could also be a mandatory state tax withholding as well depending on which state you live. However, that may not be all the taxes you ow

Did Bill Clinton think to tax the 401k?

Absolutely, back in 1993. It was a one time 15% tax on all private pensions, IRA's and 401 k's. The idea died with the election of the Republican congress in 1994.

Are earnings in a Roth IRA taxed when they are withdrawn?

Answer   Under current law - contributions taxed when contributed, not taxed when withdrawn.   Earnings or investment gain (which remember to consider in any analys

What is the tax rate on a gift tax?

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Can the IRS levy 401k and IRA for back taxes owed?

401k and IRAs are "Assets", the IRS can levy assets and seize them if you do not resolve your tax matters. You can resolve your back taxes through different avenues, negotia

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If IRS charged me for early withdrawal of my 401K will I be taxed again when I file my federal income tax?

Yes. That was the penalty for early withdrawal. What you received is then taxed as income received (which it would be whenever you received it). You did not pay tax on it when

Are tax payments withdrawn from an IRA also counted against an RMD?

It's more common that people would term it "counted toward the RMD" as the RMD is a minimum that you must get to. You withdraw from the account and pay tax on the withdrawal a

Can you take your 401k and invest it in your home tax free?

NO. The taxable amount of any distributions from your 401K will be added to all of your worldwide gross income and be subject to the federal income tax at your marginal tax ra