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What is the tax rate on a 401k withdrawn?

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The Federal ordinary income tax rate on the 401k funds withdrawn depend on the tax rate of the individual drawing the funds.

Early withdrawals (distributions before the age of 59.5) are generally struck with an additional 10% penalty on top of the federal and state income taxes due by the individual.
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Are earnings in a Roth IRA taxed when they are withdrawn?

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How much are taxes due on cashed in 401k?

If you are under 59 1/2, 10% will be withheld. Even in cases of hardship, this money is best left where it is for retirement, particularly if you are young. It should be th

Do you pay taxes on 401k?

Generally, your contributions aren't taxed (put in before taxes ), and your withdrawals are taxed.

How are contributions to qualified plans taxes when withdrawn?

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