What is the temperature like on mercury during day?

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From the night, Mercury's surface temperature changes 1,130 °F (630 °C), more than any other planet or moon in the solar system. Just before sunrise on a typical day on Mercury the temperature is -300 °F (-180 °C). By midmorning the temperature rises to 80 °F (27 °C). At noontime, 22 Earth days since the sun rise, it has climbed to 765 °F (407 °C). In the early afternoon the temperature reaches a high of 800 °F (427 °C), hot enough to melt zinc and tin."
Info from Watters, Thomas R. Planets. Ligature Inc, 1995.
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Temperature day and night on mercury?

Approximately 750K on areas facing the Sun at perihelion, 525K at aphelion. On the side not facing the Sun, temperatures can get as low as 90K.