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Originally set up in Knight Templar churches across Europe, as at least one was common in most cities at the time. Travelers could deposit whatever 'gold' etc they wanted in exchange for written document of what they've deposited. They could turn this in at any other Temple church in return for equal wealth. (it was set up so there'd be no danger of being robbed/loseing money on travels)
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Who were the Knights Templar?

They were a small group and the first of Christian military knights. They served in the first crusade and when they were housed at the Temple Mount in 1118 they numbered only

Of the templars?

An occult order of chivalry originally perfectly orthodox the order of the templars seems to have become influenced by gnosticism and the occult The order of the militia of t

Who are the Templars?

The Templars, were among most wealthy and powerful of the Western  Christian military order. The Templars were officially by the  Catholic church in 1129.

Are Templars real?

Catholic Answer The Knights Templars were very real, and mostly all executed in the fourteen century, and disbanded by the Church. Modern "templars" are a branch of Freemasons

Who did the templars answer to?

  The Knights Templar were officially endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church around 1129. King Baldwin II of Jerusalem gave two veterans of the first Crusade (Godfrey and

What does a templar wear?

The Knights Templar were expected to wear white surcoats with a red cross and a white mantle; the sergeants wore a black tunic with a red cross on front and back and a black o

Who was the first Templar?

Who is the first Templar? Is it St. Bernard who was instrumental in developing the rule of the order and sending two of the original knights to Jerusalem? Could Abbot Gondem

WHAT is a blue templar?

The Blue Templars are a society of current and former Local Police, State Troopers, Deputy Sheriffs, federal agents and military veterans who are dedicated to protect and def

Who is the enemy of the Templar?

The Assassins. They have been enemies since they split into Templars/Illuminati and Assassins during the crusades but they were defeated by the Assassins and the French at the

What are templars?

Templars were knights of the Catholic Church. Thier symbol is a red cross upon a shield. If they still exist, it is in secret.
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How where the Templars betrayed?

They were disbanded by the Roman Catholic church for being too powerful, part of the reason why I'm atheist, never have and never will trust religion. My father was proud of h

What is the plural of templar?

The plural of templar is templars.   As in "The templars stormed the castle".
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What is the purpose of banks and banking system?

A Bank is an institution that serves as the financial intermediary in the economy. They are responsible for cash flow within the nation's economy. Their main functions include

Were templars real?

The Templar Knights did exist, yes. But they were disbanded by the Roman Catholic church for being too powerful. There would more than likely be various groups claiming to be

Is it illegal to be a templar?

I do not believe that there are laws on the books preventing  someone from joining the Knights Templar. However, the Templars as  an organization were generally destroyed wh