What is the the slack season in Indian economy?

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In India
January to June is the slack season in India's economy.
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What is globalisation and what are its effects on the Indian economy?

Largely positive. Globalization has brought many jobs and large sums of investment to India. India's economy has been growing at exceptional rates for the past several years and many new opportunities have opened up for India. Yet, India does remain quite poor. It's GDP per capita is less than $2,00 (MORE)

What is the role of Indian government in Indian economy?

Keynesian (John Keynes) economics is all about using monetary and fiscal (Government) policies to help direct the market towards equilibrium. Keynes didn't believe that the market was self-correcting, and thus required government involvement. Keynesian economics also uses the view that prices are co (MORE)

What is the impact of privatization on indian economy?

Answer . FI investment is a part of FDI. Foreign Institutional Investors are the instrument of FDI which specifically invests in finance sector of the economy.. Answer . FI investment is a part of FDI. Foreign Institutional Investors are the instrument of FDI which specifically invests in fin (MORE)

Indian economy planning?

Indian reservations encompassed millions of miles back in the 1800's. The government signed documents giving them soverienty. Meaning that our laws wouldn't apply there. But we have taken their land and now there is only a small piece which is theirs. They started to grow hemp only to be busted by t (MORE)

Sioux Indians economy?

Was communal and hunter-gatherer with little need for commerce until the Europeans showed up with goods they wanted.

What is the present scenario of the Indian economy?

Ans: In India to compare with the total population, around 2.5 crores are the internet users. The most of the study found that, most of the shoppers access the internet from office, followed by those who access it from home. Some also go to cyber cafes. The business module is cost effective, ea (MORE)

What was the Cherokee Indians economy like?

The Cherokee did not have an economy before being introduced to European settlers and the concept of money. There was a barter system in place and 'money' was never an essential of life (food, clothing, housing, etc were never a commodity - this is in stark difference to European value systems. In t (MORE)

What is the impact of inflation in Indian economy?

Inflation is caused due to several economic factors: . When the government of a country print money in excess, prices increase to keep up with the increase in currency, leading to inflation. . Increase in production and labor costs, have a direct impact on the price of the final product, resultin (MORE)

What is inflation and its impact on Indian economy?

Inflation affects both the economy of a country and its social conditions, as well as the political and moral lives of its inhabitants. However, the economic effects of Inflation are stated and described below: . Price inflation has immense effect on the Time Value of Money (TVM). This acts as a p (MORE)

Role of rivers in indian economy?

The main role of rivers in the Indian economy was being a basicnatural resource. The are also essential in diluting andtransporting waste from settlements.

Basic features of Indian economy?

The basic features of the Indian economy are the things that definethe economy of India. They include low per capita income, heavypopulation pressure, pre-dominance of agriculture, unemployment,and low rate of capital formation.

What is the Effect of population on Indian economy?

PLICATIONS OF GROWING POPULATION IN INDIA Population growth and its relation to economic growth has been a matter of debate for over a century. The early Malthusian view was that population growth is likely to impede economic growth because it will put pressure on the available resources, result in (MORE)

Effects of inflation in Indian economy?

I don't think that there is any difference on how inflation effects the Indian economy as it effects any other economy in the world. Same thing happens to everyone. The government prints to much money which causes the prices to be raised and after a certain period of time it will all become next to (MORE)

Emerging sectors of Indian economy?

the sectors which are going to see an upsurge in the coming decade are the energy sector, real estate sector, services sector, and the boifuel sector.

Salient features of Indian economy?

There have been fundamental and irreversible changes in the economy, government policies, outlook of business and industry, and in the mindset of the Indians in general. 1. From a shortage economy of food and foreign exchange, India has now become a surplus one. 2. From an agro based economy it (MORE)

How does advertising affect the Indian economy?

Advertisement Affect Economy Advertisement affects to the economy not only adversely but also favorably, that is better understood by following: Ø If company advertises their product then, it affects economically to company as it is expensive. It incurs so many expenses. Thought advertisement (MORE)

Role of mnc's in Indian economy?

MNC's plays an important role in boosting up Indian Economy. In support of this we can say, MNC's bring foreign investors to India and hence helps in globalization of Indian Market. - - kammam - -

Role of rbi in Indian economy?

Role of RBI in Indian economy . Issuer of currency - Except for issuing one rupee notes and coins, RBI is the sole authority for the issue of currency in India. The Indian government issues one rupee notes and coins. Major currency is in the form of RBI notes, such as notes in the denominations (MORE)

Is Indian economy an underdeveloped economy?

An underdeveloped economy is defined as an economy which has got unexploited natural resources and unutilized human resources. In other words, it is an economy, having a potentiality to grow. An underdeveloped economy shows the following features: (a) In the underdeveloped countries, natural resourc (MORE)

How does Indian economy work?

Like most countries, Indian economy also works on the basis of its agricultural, industrial and service sector performances. On an average India has been showing a 8-9% GDP for the past decade or so. It is much better than the Hindu growth rate of 4% GDP in the late 80's and early 90's. Taxes are i (MORE)

What are the factors that affecting Indian economy?

growth rate of national income , Inflation Interest rates Budgets Infrastructure facilities Monsoon and agriculture Economic and political stability Savings and investment The tax structure Demographic factors like education , occupation , income level of people

Role of agriculture in Indian economy?

2/3rds of the people are still employed in that sector. 4% contribution to the GDP. Basic means of employment of majority of the people living in rural areas.

Impact of terrorism in Indian economy?

Terrorism can have various effects 1) Tourism of an economy slides to the negative scale due to intimidation. 2) Agricultural Production of an economy is greatly affected 3) There is a Direct Human and Military loss 4) Share Markets and GDP gradually are shown the way down 5) Loss of Po (MORE)

What is the present condition of indian economy?

The economy of India is growing pretty fast. It has one of the fastest growing GDPs in the world. But at the same time it is only a minority of India which contributes towards the same. That is why the social gap between the rich and the poor keeps on increasing day by day.

What is the Role of marketing in Indian economy?

Marketing's Role In Indian Economy "Marketing's role is to ensure the continuance in growth of economies and the individual's standard of living" ( M.J.Baker, 1985). According to the statement given by M.J.Baker, Marketing plays a vital role in the economic growth of the country periodically (MORE)

What is role of marketing in Indian economy?

Role of market in India :India's growth story has important implications for the capital market, which has grownsharply with respect to several parameters - amounts raised number of stock exchangesand other intermediaries, listed stocks, market capitalization, trading volumes andturnover, market i (MORE)

What is a nature of Indian economy?

India has the twelfth largest economy in the world. Among the third world countries, India has proved itself to be one the best players in the world economy. The economic condition of India has improved immensely over the last few decades. Recently many policies have been reformed and some implement (MORE)

What is the SWOT analysis of Indian economy?

Strengths Huge pool of labour force High percentage of cultivable land Diversified nature of the economy Huge English speaking population, availability of skilled manpower Stable economy, does not get affected by external changes Extensive higher education system, third largest reservoi (MORE)

What is the importance of agriculture in Indian economy?

1. India is mainly an agricultural country. the net sown area in India is about 51%. nearly two - third of India's population in engaged in agriculture. 2. Agriculture is the mainstay of the Indian economy. 3. Agriculture provides food to the teeming millions in India. It sustains 2/3 of our p (MORE)

Role of MNCs in Indian economy?

The role of Multi National Companies, otherwise known as MNC's, inIndia include the empowerment of its labor force. These MNC's alsocontribute to the government's finances by means of taxes that areused to build more bridges, roads, public schools, and hospitals.

What is the role of SEBI in Indian economy?

SEBI is the primary governing/regulatory body for the securities market in India. All transactions in the securities market in india are governed & regulated by SEBI. The SEBI Governs the following 1. New Issues (Initial Public Offering or IPO) 2. Listing agreement of companies with Stock Ex (MORE)

Role of advertising in Indian economy?

If company advertises their product then, it affects economically to company as it is expensive. It incurs so many expenses. Thought advertisement is expensive, but it gives long term benefit to the company.

Is Indian economy on higher side?

Yes , Indian economy is on higher side. The economy of India is the eleventh largest economy in the world by nominal GDP.[1] and the fourth largest by purchasing power party.. In the 21st century, India is an emerging economic power with vast human and natural resources, and a huge knowledge bas (MORE)

What is the Dualism in Indian Economy?

Dualism is economic and social divisions of an economy. The socialdualism in India is the coexistence of advanced science,superstitions and the cost system. Technical dualism in India isthe Green Revolution in the top 10% of their rural population.Geographical dualism is the labor migration, capital (MORE)

What are the reasons for Indian economy slowdown?

The current slow down is mainly political, India started to grow too fast, more and more people are moving above the poverty line, so she's not able to cope with the demand, so to deal with the supply problem the government increased interests very steeply, which is by far the main reason for the sl (MORE)

What is the Impact of SAARC on Indian Economy?

SAARC countries share same cultural history since centuries. Because India is somewhat peaceful and had a stable political establishment since independence. No two SAARC countries share a boundary and all of them share a boundary with India. India is strong in economic perspective than other SAARC c (MORE)

What is the current position of Indian economy?

India remains a poor country but a fast growing developing country. In the world there is great expectation that India will within a few decades become a developed country, an economic super power by growing rapid and consistently from now. So, foerigners are keenly investing in India to the extent (MORE)

What is the effect of advertising on the Indian economy?

In the modern world, proper adversing helps to accelerate product turnover and India is no exception. Of late, advertising has helped a lot and has become part and parcel of Indian business life. It is only through advertising that even a mediocore commodity can be judiciously marketed. Sales fluctu (MORE)