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What is the thickness of the inner core?

The thickness of the inner core is 1,200 km. 1,200 km being the radius of the sphere known as the inner core.
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How thick is earth's inner core?

The inner core is 1216 km and made of solid iron. It is approx 5000 degrees C and it doesnt melt because of everything else pushing down on it.
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What is the inner core?

The inner core is the innermost layer of the earth. It is dense and solid, and is 1,200km thick. It is made of iron and nickel and is a solid ball of metal. It's also the hott (MORE)
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What does the inner core have?

inner core of earth? it contains melted rocks, metals and minerals since the core has nearly the surface temperature of sun
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What is the inner core of Pluto like?

Although not known for certain, the inner core of Pluto is thought  to make up 70% of the dwarf planet. The core is thought to be made  up of rocky material and surrounded b (MORE)
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