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What is the thickness of the inner core?

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The thickness of the inner core is 1,200 km. 1,200 km being the radius of the sphere known as the inner core.
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Which is hotter outer core or inner core?

The inner core is hotter.    The outer core is composed of liquid iron and nickel along with  small amounts of lighter elements, with temperatures ranging from  4,000 (MORE)

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What is the inner core?

The inner core is the innermost layer of the earth. It is dense and solid, and is 1,200km thick. It is made of iron and nickel and is a solid ball of metal. It's also the hott (MORE)

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How thick is earth's inner core?

The inner core is 1216 km and made of solid iron. It is approx 5000 degrees C and it doesnt melt because of everything else pushing down on it.

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In Geology

How are the inner core and outer core alike?

Both are inner layers of the Earth which are positioned beneath the mantle; metallic: composed primarily of iron and nickel; and both are incredibly hot and under tremendous p (MORE)

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How thick is the core?

The core is exactly 2500 km thick and there is nothing UN less it is 25 my answers are always correct and never wrong tell you science teachers this is the me girl who write (MORE)