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What is the three consecutive number with total of 168?

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55 + 56 + 57.
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What are three consecutive numbers that sum to 771?

256, 257, 258 Let the three numbers be n-1, n, n+1, then: (n-1) + n + (n+1) = 771 → 3n = 771 → n = 257 → the three numbers are 257-1 = 256, 257 and 257+1 = 25

What are three consecutive numbers can be multiplied to total of 1716?

11 x 12 x 13 = 1716

What is the two consecutive numbers with a total of 132?

It is not possible in our Universe that two consecutive numbers can total an even number, since any two consecutive numbers must be an odd and an even (or vice versa). There

What consecutive whole numbers have a total of 75?

Divide the sum of the three consecutive numbers by 3: 75/3=25. The smallest of these numbers will be one less than 25 and the largest will be one more than 25, so the three co