What is the ticker symbol for Liberty Mutual Insurance?

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Libert Mutual went private after the merger with Safeco.
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What is the ticker symbol for Washington Mutual?

Washington Mutual Now trades under the symbol: WAMUQ ** Washington Mutual Went Bankrupt, and even though they still do have stock, it's unlikely investors will see any of i

What is the ticker symbol for liberty media corporation?

Liberty Media Corporation's three tracking stocks, Liberty Interactive, Liberty Entertainment and Liberty Capital, are traded on NASDAQ under the symbols LINTA and LINTB, LMDI

What is the ticker symbol for Geico Insurance?

Geico Insurance is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. This is the company run by Warren Buffet. The shares are very expensive to purchase on a per share basis.

What is the Northwestern Mutual stock ticker symbol?

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network is a mutual company and is not publicly traded. No ticker symbol exists for this company. They actually highlight this fact on their webs

Is there a ticker symbol for mutual funds?

Yes they all have 5 letter tickers and end with X. For example, the institutional shares of PIMCO Total Return are PTTRX. In the case of stable value funds (which are not trad

What is farmers insurance ticker symbol?

ZFSVY .pk Farmers Group Inc. is headquartered in Los Angeles, California but is 100% owned by Zurich Financial Services based in Zurich , Switzerland

What is the ticker symbol for AAA Insurance?

The AAA insurance company is a privately owned company. This meansthat they are not publicly owned and they do not offer stocks andtherefore do not have a ticker symbol.