How did the fruit cobbler get the name cobbler?

The fruit cobbler gets its name from the crispy, buttery crust that is formed when baking which then resembles the cobble-stone streets common to old villages in Europe. Note: (MORE)
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What to do for cobbler sting?

Cobblers in my country are men who work on your shoes. However, I seem to recall that the term "cob" or "cobbler" can mean Spider elsewhere.. So, hoping your shoes are okay, (MORE)

What tools do cobblers use?

In the colonial days, shoes could be worn on either foot. A last was a wooden mold that was used to shape the shoe because they could be worn on either foot. An awl wa (MORE)

What tools does a cobbler have?

Awl to make holes in leather Burnisher used to rub the soles and heals to make them shine Marking wheel to make marks on the sole where the needle needs to go Size stick to me (MORE)

Who is a famous cobbler?

The word cobbler comes from Middle English and Anglo-Norman French cobeler, cobbele r or cobler , a man who patched and repaired old shoes. Such men were considered to have (MORE)