What is the top speed of Honda cb twister 110cc?

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90km and up.. for my calculation it can go up to 110+
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Top speed of a Honda 400ex?

I have a 2006 400ex With a k@n airfilter fmf power core 4 exhaust and a dyno jet kit I get 76 out of it

Top speed on Honda 90?

I think the top speed of a 1960's Honda 90 is about 65mph. The size of the rider is a big factor, pardon the pun, also conditions like wind and grade. This is all within reaso
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I have a 2005 Gold Wing. The highest speed I've done is an indicated 138 mph on the speedometer, which was actually 130 mph on the GPS. This was on a flat road, altitude proba
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What is the top speed of Honda cb twister 110?

as of now a user has recorded 98 kmph...after servicing a few times it will go above 100 kmph...its important to not put too stress on the engine by doing 90+ kmph when its st