What is the top speed of a third generation Camaro?

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If we are referring to factory built, original equipment cars, two 1992 RS camaro's were recorded doing a top speed of over 150mph by the Michigan State police during police car testing. The vehicles in the test were optioned with the B4C "special service package" which included either a 5.0 liter TPI V8 with a five speed manual transmission or the 5.7 liter TPI automatic transmission. Both drivetrains were available in the civilian Z28 version and likely were capable of doing the same speeds in those cars. The automatic edged out the manual by only a couple of MPH topping out at I believe 155.
For non-stock vehicles, there have been a few vehicles built to hit the 200 MPH range with major drivetrain modifications...let's not try any of this on a public highway though, please....
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What is the top speed for 1986 Camaro z28 Camaro?

Hi, visit www.thirdgen.org/cd_oct_1984_iroc_camaro_z28. Details of speed etc for 84 camaro. should not differ much.. My 84 z28 with a 305HO topped at 136, and my 91 rs with a

What is the top speed for a V6 Camaro?

The fastest I've gotten my 2010 2LT RS is 152 MPH on open highway before I had to slow to meet traffic. This was confirmed by the Dealer who sold me my Camaro who rode beside
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What is the top speed of the 2012 Camaro ss?

It's Limited to 155mph, but modern mechanics did an article about them taking it up to the salt flats and taking the limiter off, it managed 175mph