What is the top speed of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile?

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Basicaly from what i understand about ICBM's is that in a First strike situation ,it would take 30 minuets for the missles to travel from American Silos in the Midwest to Russian silos in the Urals, so calculate the distance and devide it by the time involved to travel the distance and you'll come up with the speed.BTW the same formulation works the same for a Soviet first strike.They said in the Cold war in the 1980's that the response for a pre-emptive strike would leave a only a few minuets difference in the launchung of our ICBM's before a Soviet pre-emptive strike detonated.Cheak out MAD [mutual assured distruction.]and no first use policy as well as ""escalation"".
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What is anti-ballistic missile?

An anti-ballistic missile is a based missile system made to shoot down ballistic missiles. Usually ABM consists of a missile system guided by heat (more primitive), or by lase

What is a ballistic missile?

A ballistic missile is a term that defines a missile's flight path. There are two types of flight paths as far as missiles are concerned: approach angle control and ballistic.

Are ballistic missiles guided missiles?

Yes, although not in the same sense as, say, an air-to-air missile. They're programmed prior to launch. . Technically, a ballistic missile is, by definition, unguided, as

What is importance of ballistic missiles?

They ensure that we can attack a foreign target from a stationary position. There are countermeasures for them in most countries that would be considered a threat, but it's li
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When were ballistic missiles ever used?

The first ballistic missiles to be deployed was the German V2 rockets towards the end of WW2, in that they were fired from Germany and aimed at London and the surrounding area
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What are intercontinental ballistic missiles?

An intercontinental ballistic missile ( ICBM ) is a ballistic missile with a range of more than 5,500 kilometres (3,400 mi) typically designed for nuclear weapons delivery (
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When was the first ballistic missile made?

In the early 1920s serious work on ballistic missile prototypesbegan nearly simultaneously by Robert Goddard (US), Hermann Oberth(Germany), and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (USSR) b