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What is the top speed of an M1 Abrams tank?

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It depends on the variety and terrain the tank is in. The older models could do 42mph on road and 25mph off road. However, the newest versions could do about 60mph on road and 36mph off road.
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What is the mpg of a abrams tank?

The M1 Abrams is listed as having a 289 mile (approx 466 kilometre) operational range and 500 US gallons (1900 litres) of fuel capacity, so it comes out to something like .57

What are the big arrows on the M1 Abrams for?

those arrows are to separate the tanks from other companys, since all m1 abrams look the same the arrows tell what company that tank belongs to. you will see different style a

How many rpgs does it take to destroy a m1 abram?

It depends where the tank is hit. A direct hit to the treads will render the tank immobile. Also, the top near the crew hatches and the rear are vulnerable. However, hits to t

After who is the M1A12 Abrams Tank named?

  The first US Army General to command US Forces in South Vietnam was a former staff officer who served under GEN George S. Patton in Europe during WWII; GEN Paul Harkins.

Who invented the m1 Abrams tank?

\nThe Chrysler Corporation invented the M1 Abrams tank. They later sold the Chrysler Defense division to General Dynamics.

What is the top speed of a M1A2 Abrams tank?

The M1 and its variants have a top road speed of 67.7 kilometres per hour (42 mph), and an offroad top speed of 48.3 kilometres per hour (30 mph).

Where is the M1A1 Abrams tank made?

They were made at the Lima Army Tank Plant in Lima, Ohio and at the Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant in Warren, Michigan. Current production is underway only at the Lima plant.

Will a tornado move a m1 abrams tank?

of course not.  Improved by another uses, myself.  A bit more detail here. The M1 Abrams, weighs in at 60 tons, the  M1A1 at 63, and the M1A2(the current model) tips the sc

Can a tornado turn over a M1 abrams tank?

Most tornadoes would not be able to. But an extremely strong tornado, most likely an EF5 could likely lift one seeing as how they can pick up buildings.

Is the Abrams tank the strongest?

Yes, no one marks a faster, stronger, and more powerful main battle tank. ---- "Strongest" is also very subjective. Both the German Leopard 2 and British Challenger 2 tanks
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Can one RPG disable an m1 abrams tank?

Theoretically, one rpg hit directly into the treads of a tank could break loose a tread and render the tank immobile. However, this is very unlikely. The rpg would have to be

Which would win M1 Abrams vs M109 Howitzer?

Ridiculous question. The M1 Abrams as a battlefield tank, is faster, more agile, and more accurate than a M109 howitzer. Both weapon systems have very different missions, and