What is the topography of Algeria?

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The Tell, located on the coast, comprises fertile plains 50-100 miles wide, with a moderate climate and adequate rain. Two major chains of Atlas Mountains, running roughly east to west, and reaching 7,000 feet, enclose a dry plateau region. Below lies the Sahara, mostly desert with major mineral resources.
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Where is Algeria?

Answer Algeria is located in the far north of Africa. TheMediterrannean Sea forms its northern border with Morocco to thewest and Tunisia and Libya to the east. Mauritania, Ma

What is topography?

Topography is the shape or configuration of the land, its physicalfeatures represented on a map by contour lines, hypsometric tints,and relief shading. Topography has several

Topography of England?

England has hills, low plains. and mountains. There are rivers,valleys, stark cliff faces, and rolling downs as part of itstopography.

What is the topography of Neptune?

Neptune's Topography, well since Neptune is just a giant ball of water, there really isn't a surface, once you would enter Neptune, you would go through miles of clouds to rea

Why is topography important?

Well on the adverage geographic book, it shows different parts of the world on scale from below sea level and above sea level.So basicly it's the best with everything in one.

What is Italys topography?

Italy is very mountonious with plains. The alps are in Italy and so are other mountain ranges.

What is Montanas topography?

Mountains in the western one-third of the state; eastern two-thirds gently rolling northern great plains.

What topography is there in Bulgaria?

With a territory of 110,994 square kilometers (42,855 sq mi), Bulgaria ranks as the 16th-largest country in Europe. Several mountainous areas define the landscape, most notabl

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The country is landlocked and mountainous, much of it over 4,000 feet above sea level. The Hindu Kush Mountains, tower 16,000 feet above Kabul. and reach a height of 25,000 fe

What is the topography of Albania?

Apart from a narrow coastal plain, Albania consists of hills and mountains covered with scrub forest, cut by small east-west rivers.

What is Malaysia's topography?

Four-fifths of Peninsular Malaysia is covered by rainforest and swamp. The northern regions are divided by a series of mountain ranges that rise abruptly from the wide,
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What is the topography of the Arctic?

he Arctic is extremely diverse in terms of landscapes, varying frompack and drift ice to rugged shores, flat coastal plains, rollinghills and mountains surpassing 6000 metres
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How did Algeria become Algeria?

After the war of independence, Algeria gained its independenceafter 130 years of French colonialism and became officially anindependent country in July 05, 1962.