What is the total dog and cat population in the world?

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This questions can't be answered because there are so many abandoned dogs and cats. This is why the ASPCA and other dog shelters are frantically trying to find homes for some of these poor little souls. Since many dogs are 'street smart' and cats hide out in alleys, under wood piles, etc., no one can get a bead on the true stats.
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What is total population of hindus in the world?

as of may 2009, there are 900 million hindus in the world. thismakes it the third largest religion when compared to 2.1 billionchristians and 1.5 billion Muslims. percentage wise, 33% peoplepractice Christianity as opposed to 21% following Islam and 14%following Hinduism. it is interesting to note a (MORE)

Total population of Buddhist in the world?

Today, most Buddhists are birth certificate Buddhists. There are estimated 1.6 billion of this kind of Buddhists. The estimates range between 330 million and just over 1 billion.

Are there more cats or dogs in this world?

This question if difficult to answer because there are many straycats and dogs which are not able to be counted. However, countingdomestic animals, there are about 400 million dogs in the world,compared to 220 million cats.

How is a dog not a cat?

They are two completely different species, and one has only to look at the two to see the hundreds of differences.

What is the world dog population?

There are about 300 million int he world -- or roughly the population (of people) in the United States. For estimates of pet dog populations by country, see the related link below.

Population of cats?

There is about 190 million in just 12 coutries (USA, China, Russia, Brazil, France, Italy, UK, Ukraine, Japan and Germany) I can't find the population of cats in the world.

Are there more cats or dogs in the world?

Well no one can really answer that question but I would say that there is definitely more dogs in the world. I u have further questions email me at lucyrocker101@gmail.com or saltall6353@me.com

Can a cat be a dog?

No, it can't. Cats and dogs are different species, it can't be changed into a canine.

Do you get a cat or dog?

Well, it depends. How am I supposed to know if u want a dog or cat? But, I have a dog and 2 cats so I suggest that, um, maybe u get both? I don't know what to say. :)

What is the total population of tamils in the world?

10.6 crores (9.6 crores in India + 1 Crore in Malaysia, Singapore, SL, UK, SA, USA) 7 Crores in TN, 0.9 Crore in Bangalore/Mysore/Kolar, 0.8 crore in tirupathi,chithoor,kalahasthi/ 0.5 Crore in Pondicherry Andaman/Mumbai/Delhi, 0.5 cr in Malaysia/singapore, 0.3 Crore munnar/idukki/thiruvanantha (MORE)

Cats are dogs?

The Okapi is native to the Ituri Rainforest, located in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in central http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Were_do_okapi_come_from&altQ=Where_is_the_Okapi_found&isLookUp=1# . .

What is a dog and a cat?

A cat and a dog are mammals and they are animals. These creatures are also common household pets and hate each others guts.

Can a dog be a cat?

No. Dogs and cats are all carnivores with similar body structures,and tend to be apex predators. But few dogs resemble cats or viceversa, and their suborders have substantial biological differences.

Is it a dog or a cat?

If it has four legs and fur, it could be either. If it purrs and meows, it is a cat. If it barks, it is a dog.. In a little bit more detail:. Animals of the dog family ( Canidae ) are found on every continent except Antarctica, and inhabit a wide range of different habitats. They vary in size fr (MORE)

If you have cats can you have a dog?

Yes, but you will need to train the dog ________________________________ Yes. Of course, it depends both on the cat and the dog. The cartoon images of cats and dogs constantly fighting have a sliver of truth; both animals need to learn to adapt to the other. When I was young, I had both a calico (MORE)

If you have dogs can you get a cat?

yes you can get them but you will have to put the kitten or cat in a cage or something and let the dog sniff it then take the cat out and put the dog on the lead but make sure you get them to know each other gradually.

Population of cats in the world?

Due to feral cat populations throughout the world, it is hard toknow the exact number of cats living in the world today. In the UKalone, there are more than 12 million cats being kept as pets. Thecat population is slightly smaller than the dog population whichcurrently sits at between 900 million an (MORE)

What is a cat to a dog?

A cat's opinion about a dog is likely similar to a dog's opinion of a cat. Luckily for humans, some cats and dogs not only like each other, but even seem to form a loving bond. Now, in my opinion, "Cats Rule; Dogs Drool" says it all.

What is a dog cat?

a dog cat is a dog and a cat, that has a dog tail, and a cat head and 2 cat feet and 2 dog paws and one pointy ear and one not pointy ear, they eat cat and dog foood mixed together they dont drink water, they eat people and they eat men only. hahahahhahah kidding not hah no im seriouisee

What is a cat that is a dog?

no a cat is a cat, and a dog is a dog. he hehhehhe, well they are i do not like animals so beat it punk! i love animals putos>:D

What does the world like more cats or dogs?

There's probably a lot of different opinions to this question, I myself say cats, being a cat lover ;), but others would say dogs, some would say fish, birds, or horses, so there isn't really a right answer to this question. What do you think the world likes best? Which animal do you like best?

Why are cats cats and not dogs?

The answer is evolution . Cats and dogs would have shared a common ancestor some time in the distant past. The ancestors would have migrated to different geographical locations and would have adapted their bodies to their respective environments. Note than evolution is not something that happens ov (MORE)

When a dog catches a cat what does the dog do?

What the dog will do depends on the individual dog. Some might tryto initiate play, some might just be curious and want to check thecat out, while others may want to attack the cat in an aggressivemanner.

What is the population in the world of tabby cats?

It is near impossible to know how many tabby cats there are in the world. The Tabby pattern is the most common pattern, particuarly on mixed breed cats, or cats that are no particular breed (often called Domestic Shorthair/Longhair or Moggies). The Tabby pattern can also be found in several pedigree (MORE)

Are cats dogs?

no cats are not dogs because they are different animals. That is correct; cats and dogs are both members of the meat-eating animals, the Carnivora. But not all Carnivora are dogs or wolves. Some are cats, some are bears, some are weasels, some are seals, some are hyenas, and so on.

Is the world over populated with cats?

The world is not necessarily overpopulated with cats but there are a lot of dogs and cats out there. That is why people always advise to have pets spayed and neutered.

Why do cats have the name cats and not dogs?

This is because dogs bark and cats meows - On the other hand. It is all in the history of language development and classification of species when man became advanced enough. It does not matter really. If we managed to go back in time to the source of Cat-name before it became "popular", then I a (MORE)

How do you get a dog and cat?

If you're a legal adult, living on your own, read up on whatdifferent breeds require in terms of exercise and care, then Isuggest you go to an animal shelter and see if they have somethingfitting. If you're a kid, you'll have to convince your parents to step inand get them.