What is the total national debt of the United States?

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Currently over $9.6 trillion. Keep in mind that the "total national debt" = "total public debt" + "total intergovernmental debt". Often when you hear that the "national debt" has been decreased (i.e. during the Clinton years), they mean only that the "total public debt" has been decreased, which is the amount of government-issue debt held by the public. HOWEVER, the other component of the "total national debt", "total intergovernmental debt", is just as important - it is the amount of money the government borrows from itself to pay off public debt. This is what is contributing to the future meltdown of the social security system: the government borrows from current social security surpluses (that are the result of all the baby boomers still paying social security taxes and not retiring and receiving benefits yet), and uses these borrowings to reduce its "public debt". BUT, when baby boomers start retiring and the social security system starts owing much more money than it is taking in, that money will not be in the social security vault because the government used it to pay off its public debt. Barring a MAJOR reform before this happens, this will result in either a) massive, massive tax increases to fund these social security obligations, b) massive amounts of money being borrowed, resulting in a likely $10-40 TRILLION increase in the national debt over the next 20-40 years, or c) these obligations not being met. This is why if you are under 40 you should hate the AARP... you hear nothing about this crisis in the election talk, but even if you end up having to pay 50-60% income tax twenty years down the road so your parents' generation can comfortably retire, your generation will still face a huge shortfall in your social security that it will have to somehow account for down the line. FORM AN AAYP (American Association of Young People) ASAP, you are being cruelly and recklessly taken advantage of by the preceding generation.
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What is United States current national debt?

The national debt is the amount of money the US owes over theamount of money it takes in. Debt is funded by selling treasurybonds. The U.S. currently has a national debt around 17.5trillion dollars.

What is the national language of the United States?

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The first national government for the United States was?

the First national government of the united states was the Articles of Confederation Actually the first National Government of the United States was the Second Continental Congress which governed during the Revolutionary War. The Articles were the first written gov't of the US.

Before Washingtons presidency why was the United States in debt?

Answer . The United States was in severe debt for several reasons. The biggest reason of all was because no single currency existed. Each state had their own currency and there was no way to determine which had value over which. The next problem would probably have to be the fact that it was a br (MORE)

How far is the United States in debt?

This may seem shocking, but the United States has been debt as early as the 1800s. In November 2012 the debt is fast approaching 16 trillion dollars. The so-called fiscal cliff and the fact that the elections are over may change this.

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How many member states are there in the United Nations?

According to The United Nations website there are currently (2011)193 member states in the UN. In addition there are two non-memberstates with permanent observer status: The Holy See (Vatican) andPalestine. The international organization was founded by representatives of 51countries immediately aft (MORE)

Spain was united into a single nation-state when?

Carlos I of Spain inherited the Monarchies of Castile, Leon, and Aragon in 1516 in effect making all three kingdoms one Kingdom of Spain. Prior to 1516 Castile-Leon had been one Monarchy and Aragon had been a second Monarchy.

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Why did the United States not participate in the League of Nations?

After WWI ended, the USA wanted to stay home and keep out of European, Asian, and African problems. The USA wanted to be an isolationist nation and let the oceans keep it apart from the rest of the world. That way of thinking ended for most Americans on Dec. 7, 1941.

Why was a national government needed to unite the states?

The Articles of Confederation were simply an established "friendship" between States. As long as the "friendship" was still intact the States could maintain their nation, but ultimately provided for a weak nation should any problems occur. The Articles of Confederation also left the Central governm (MORE)

When did the United States become a sovereign nation?

July 4th 1776 at The signing of the Declaration of Independence. Up tell that point it was high treason to sign the Declaration because they were under British Rule. At the point of signing they created their own Sovereignty.

Is the United States considered a Christian nation?

It depends on who is doing the considering. 1) No: This is the most common international answer and the most commonly accepted domestic answer. The United States officially declares that it has not state religion and does not endorse any religious dogma as a basis for governance. 2) Yes: The U (MORE)

Why is the United States in debt to china?

Because they borrowed money to get out of the recession and ifchina asks for their money back tomorrow the US goes back intorecession. The united states has what you called bonds which are a promise topay back the person who has those bonds. China bought more than onetrillion of dollars in bonds fr (MORE)

Why does the United States have a debt ceiling?

"The United States has a debt ceiling, so that we as a nation, together with our leaders, can make an attempt to hold ourselves accountable in terms of our fiscal responsibility. The debt ceiling is also in conflict with 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution."

Why is baseball the national sport in the United States?

It is exciting and great fun to watch. Unless you understand the rules and go to a game it is hard to explain. Basically it is a very slow game that suddenly can explode into action that is hard to keep up with. The game can suddenly change with the swing of one bat at one pitch.

What is the United States debt ceiling?

The United States debt ceiling is a debate about government spending and debt. It discusses putting limits on the amount of debt the government can be in at any time and how much money the government can spend.

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