What is the total principal owed on all home mortgages in the us?

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2007 US Census

$100,904 (avg. principal owed) X 48,742,000 (owner occupied homes)

Note: 24,885,000 owner occupied have no mortgages
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What are your rights to a home after a parent dies and still owes a mortgage?

Answer . The home belongs to the bank if there is money owed. The person who is to carry out all the wishes (executor) from the parent's will must either use other assets

Is it wise to use a line of credit to pay the principal of a mortgage?

Answer . It is never wise to pay debt with debt. However, if the interest rate is lower on the line of credit you are not creating a problem you are just moving your debt

Can you buy a new home if you still own and owe a mortgage on your old home?

Answer . If you are intending to keep your old home and buy a new home as well, then whether you can get another mortgage would depend on whether you could afford the paym

Number of Home Mortgages in the US?

Around 44.4 million This answer is derived from information provided at http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/business/realestate/5985260.html The article claims that a)

Can a mobile home be used in a reverse mortgage?

Yes, in very limited circumstances. If the land is completely paid for and has other permanent improvements, it may qualify. I've seen a 10 acre horse training facility in a r

Is it better to pay additional principal or additional interest on a home mortgage?

I'm not sure it's possible to pay additional interest on a mortgage, unless your mortgage company made a mistake and charged you too much. Your interest payment is calculated
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How can you lower the principal owed on your mortgage?

You can reduce the principal by making extra payments toward the principal each payment cycle. Ask your lender how best to do it and make certain the amount is deducted from t

Is it advantageous to use a home mortgage calculator?

A home mortgage calculator would definitely be a very advantageous thing to use, as it would make things a lot easier. The calculations would be less difficult for you to figu
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What is value of homes that have no mortgage in US?

The value of a HOME, that has no mortgage has the same Real Estate market value as one which does have a MTG. The value is assessed by the market conditions at any given time.

Why is it recommeded to use a home mortgage broker?

Some home buyers benefit from using a home mortgage broker because the broker is able to access many different sources of home loans. This is especially advantageous for the p