What is the town of London apprentice in Cornwall named after?

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The name London Apprentice seems to have first appeared in 1747 and various explanations have been offered as to how the hamlet received it's name. Apprentices have been said to have learned their trades either as Blacksmiths, or wheelwrights making light wheels for horse traps, but the most likelyexplanation is the name derived from that given to an inn. There was once a popular ballad entitled "The Honour of an Apprentice in London" which tells of an apprentice who" came off with flying colours after endless adventures, in one of which, like Richard the Lionheart, he 'robbed a lion of his heart'." After "his matchless manhood and brave adventure in Turkey", he married the daughter of the King of that country.
From "Memories of our Childhood in London Apprentice" compiled by Christine Young.
Also from the Telegraph:-
London Apprentice - Named after an 18th century ballad about a sailor who landed at Pentewan and, unable to work, travelled to London to learn his trade before returning to Cornwall to establish himself near St.Austell
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