What is the traditional clothing people of Uganda ware?

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What did ancient timbuktu ware for clothes?

Women could dress freely in their homes, but in the public it was a whole nother situation. They wore clothes with a robe draping around their body and head. Some even wore an (MORE)

What do people eat for breakfast in Uganda?

In Uganda the reality is that very few Léo lê eat breakfast in Uganda. The rich, however, do. I don't know everything in it but I cane almost garentee they they have fresh f (MORE)

Interesting Facts About Uganda, Africa

If you're considering going to Africa or want to learn more about it, one place you cannot forget is Uganda. If you're looking for Uganda, Africa facts, here are a few to help (MORE)
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The Geography of Uganda

Uganda is a country that is geographically located almost in the middle (east-central) of the African continent. Uganda is also known as the Republic of Uganda, after achievin (MORE)

Cities in Uganda

Uganda is a country in East Africa spanning 91,136 square miles. It has many highly populated cities. Kampala is Uganda's capitol and one of the country's most populated citie (MORE)
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Elements of African Traditions and Culture

African traditions and culture are not only unique, but also encompasses a variety of beliefs from across the globe. African cultures are varied and diverse, and are in a cons (MORE)
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How to Make Money Online Sewing Doll Clothes

Doll houses and doll making is one of the most popular crafts on the Internet. Creating supplies for crafters can be a great business strategy. If you're a crafty person who's (MORE)
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What language do people in Uganda speak?

About 40 different languages are spoken in Uganda. The official language is English and Swahili was approved as a second official language in 2005. The most widely used loca (MORE)

What kind of traditional clothing do belgian people wear?

National costume for the boys When it comes to the Belgian dress sense for the boys we find the Belgian style to be modeled upon French styles. This is true to quite an extent (MORE)

What modern and traditional clothing do people from Kenya in Africa wear?

The peoples of Kenya by and large wear a great deal of Western  style clothing, such as slacks, jeans, button down shirts and shoes  or flip-flops. However, even then, women (MORE)

Do people in Holland still wear traditional clothing daily?

Yes, some people in the Netherlands still wear traditional  clothing. Most of them are elderly and very strictly Calvinistic  Reformed woman. It is worn by most on Sundays, (MORE)