What is the traditional clothing people of Uganda ware?

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Men wear long pants and shortsleeve shirts, Women wear long dresses
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Why do Thai people wear traditional clothes?

Thai people don't really wear traditional cothes all the time.They only wear it when there's a movie or when nessasury.Thai people wear normal cothes like you do. no they dont

What traditional clothing do people in Belize wear?

People in Belize normally dress very similar to those in the United States. There are some differences to allow for increased temperature and humidity, but these are slight.

What do Paris people wear as a traditional clothing?

very expensive, name brand clothing from all the top designers all around the world. They designs are all rich clothes which means not poorly ripped clothes. P .S what is a

What kind clothing people waring in japan?

the traditional Japanese dress is the kimono, which was worn up to about the 1860s (the meiji revolution) where they became westernised. now Japanese people will normally wea

When do Japanese people wear traditional clothes?

For ordinary people,when it is special. Young girls loves yokata(Japanese traditional summer wear).They wear it when seeing Fireworks. Some people like sadou(The Tea Ceremony)