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What is the traditional clothing people of Uganda ware?

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Men wear long pants and shortsleeve shirts, Women wear long dresses
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What are the traditional clothes they wear in Kuwait?

Traditional Dress has always been important within Kuwait & still continues to be so. Kuwaiti's take pride in their country and it's traditions and this is expressed through

What did ancient timbuktu ware for clothes?

Women could dress freely in their homes, but in the public it was a whole nother situation. They wore clothes with a robe draping around their body and head. Some even wore an

What is the traditional clothing in Libya?

Men in Libya traditionally wear a long, white robe over a shirt and pants. Some men wear a white or black Muslim hat. Women wear long gowns that cover the entire body, arms an

What do people eat in Uganda?

They it food like chicken rice millet cassava. They also eat rice, beans, a flat bread called Chapatii, Posho, and the ugandans love pork.

What were the traditional clothes worn in Colombia?

The traditional clothing of Columbia highlights the differences between the genders. The men wear a masculine costume, often with machetes attached. The women wear the famous

What is Japanese traditional clothing called?

Kimono. The traditional clothing in Japan is called a Kimono, they wear them on speacial occasions, such as festivals or family gatherings.

What is the traditional clothing in Canada?

Traditional clothing for women in Canada consisted of long skirts  with long undergarments. Tops were fitted, with high necks and  buttons down the front. Bonnets were also