What is the translation for the spanish phrase la suerte de los feas a las wapas nos vale madre?

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the luck of the ugly ones to wapas is worth mother to us   In continental Spain we use a similar phrase: "La suerte de la fea, la guapa la desea" Literally this means that beautiful girls are jealous of the ugly girls' good luck. In other words, physical beauty is not everything in life. Hope this helps!
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What is the translation for the spanish phrase poco madre?

Madre is female which means that must be "poca madre" . It translates to " not much of a mother" or " less of a mother" That may be the literal translation, but the phrase is slang from mexico. someone saying "poco madre" while refering to someone else is like saying "the sign of a bad upbringing". Someone misbehaving could be classified as "poco madre".

What is the translation of 'La vida no vale nada'?

The Spanish sentence 'La vida no vale nada' translates into English as '' Life is not worth anything ' or ' Life is worth nothing '. La = the, vida = life, no =not, vale = value or worth, nada = nothing.

What is the English translation of the Spanish phrase 'la tarde'?

"(The) afternoon " or "(the) evening " serve as literally English equivalents of the Spanish phrase la tarde although other translations such as "in the evening" are possible depending upon context. Specifically, the feminine singular article la is "the". The feminine noun tarde means "afternoon, evening". The pronunciation will be "lah TAHR-day".

What is the English translation of the Spanish phrase 'Buscar sobre la salud'?

" To seek information about health " is an English equivalent of the Spanish phrase Buscar sobre la salud . Specifically, the present infinitive buscar is "to search, to seek (information)". The preposition sobre means "about, over, regarding". The feminine singular definite article la means "the". The feminine noun salud translates as "health". The pronunciation will be "boo-skahr soh-brey lah sah-looth" in Spanish.

What is the English translation of the Italian phrase 'Parque de las Fuentes'?

" Fountain park " or more literally "Park of the fountains" serve as English equivalents of the Spanish phrase Parque de las Fuentes , which is the name of a famous site in Lima, Peru. Specifically, the masculine noun parque is "park". The preposition de means "of". The feminine plural definite article las means "the". The feminine noun fuentes means "fountains". The pronunciation will be "PAHR-key they lahss FWEHN-teyss" in Spanish.

Translate Mi Vale Madre?

The correct question is " Me Vale Madre " which translates to " I don't Care " Hence, It is Mexican Slang and it could be taken as vulgar and offensive. I rather say " No me importa " or simply " Me vale " or " me da igual "

What is 'de la torre' when translated from Spanish to Italian?

Della torre is an Italian equivalent of the Spanish phrase de la torre . Specifically, the word della combines the preposition di -- which is de ("of") in Spanish -- with thefeminine singular definite article la ("the"). Thefeminine noun torre means "tower" in both Italian and Spanish. Therespective pronunciation will be "DEL-la TOR-rey" in Italian and --in Latin American* and peninsular Spanish -- "DEY-ya TOR-rey" atthe beginning of a phrase or sentence and "THEY-ya TOR-rey" in themiddle of a phrase or sentence. *In Argentina and Uruguay, the sound for - ll respectivelyis "zh" and "sh."

What does los and las mean in Spanish?

They are the plural forms for "the" in Spanish. Los is masculine, las is feminine. Las casas grandes "the big houses". They're also the dative and accusative pronouns for the third person (a / para ellos, ellas, ustedes): Los / las vi a ustedes el día de ayer "I saw you yesterday (men / women or all af them)". Éstos son los datos , debo entregárse los de inmediato "This is the data, I must hand it in to him right away".

Que significa el dia de las madres?

el dia de las madre significa cuando la madre de Jesus hiso un espiritu por que no ahvia vino.....y ella hiso que el vino aparezca por que havian como 500 personas recibiendo el pan.

What is the translation for chapter 1 of La Chica de los Zapatos Verdes?

La Chica De Los Zapatos Verdes Chapter 1 An exhibition in an old ship, port of Barcelona ... If you think that is interesting, Enric. And open until twelve o'clock! Better yet. The boy calmly walks in front of the tables. When one likes, cuts out for a better look. Not interested in people who are around. But in a moment, then lifts his head and see it. He wears a white blouse. It is neither high nor low, her hair and beautiful gray eyes. Seems to go alone and that she also loves the pictures. What is this beautiful girl! - thinks Enric. But a group of people passing in front of him and look again when the girl is not blonde. No time to look eyes: Albert, an old friend, what is healthy. "Hello, Enric!, how are you? " he says. "Okay. And you, Albert?" "Very well, too. Nice pictures, eh?" "Yes, very nice". "Ah, you know Laura?" Laura was behind Albert. Is the girl in the white blouse! "Hello, " says the young woman in a cheerful voice. "Hi, Laura!" answers Enric fun too. "Laura is a friend of work. We have found now, "says Albert. Albert is tired and has two small children. It's almost eleven and must return home now. Enric loves the idea of ​​ending the visit alone with Laura ... In addition to beautiful, very nice, making jokes about everything. And she knows a lot about pictures. Enric is delighted. But Laura is already watching the clock. Well, she says, "we go? I do not want to get me home". "Where do you live?" asks Enric. "In the bitter streets, a small street between Avenida Portal de l'Angel and the Via Laietana, near Palau de la Musica, "replies the girl, with eyes on the black waters of the port, moving in silence in front of ship. The sea is calm. It is night. The port and salt smells fishy. The city seems to be asleep in the soft moonlight. "I live nearby. I'm going with you, "says Enrico. Enrico and Laura walk up slowly through the Ramblas. The street lights are on. Near the Royal Plaza, a police car passes very slowly. On the terraces of the bars, there are many people sitting, chatting calmly sipping their drinks little by little, and also look at the people walking by. The two young men arrive at the small shops of flowers and animals that, at this hour, are closed ... At the end of the Ramblas, pick the right path of Santa Anna. No one. The bars are closed. Only through the windows of some hotels get a little light. Suddenly, Enric stands at the entrance of a very small, dark street. Look around garbage cans that are there. Sees something strange, something green, there among the trash. It's a shoe. He looks closer. And cannot believe it: inside the shoe is a foot and on the foot ... ... leg. There is a dead girl behind the bins! Poor Enric cannot speak, just watching, scared. Laura, who has not seen anything, laughs. "But, boy, that's wrong? What are you doing?" As Enric does not answer or move, Laura is comes over. Then goes to the dead girl. Enric! It's horrible, "she shouts. "This girl, this girl .... It's Maribel!"

What is the English translation for chapter 2 of La Chica de Los Zapatos Verdes?

Chapter 2 In the commissary, a fat cop with a mustache makes the first questions to Enrique and Laura: Where did they found the dead girl? At what time? Do you know her? Were you friends? ... Then, they go to the office of Commissioner Carlos Fargas. Laura is very wrong. Remember the pale face of Maribel, her large eyes lifeless, so open ... and all of the marks on his neck: strange, brown, darker on the left. "Maribel is murdered!" is repeated again and again by Laura, Enric sitting on a bench in the corridor of the commissioner. Soon more people start coming in, friends of Maribel. They also have to answer some questions. They also expect news. A well-dressed young man entered the office of commissioner. Laura thinks she knows him. But doesn't remember where she's seen him before. One woman said that Fargas is the nephew of the commissioner. Explains that he's a neighbor of Maribel, and he knew her from childhood.

What is the English translation for Chapter 3 of La Chica de Los Zapatos Verdes?

Chapter 3 When Enrico and Laura leave the police station it's already day. The streets are already quiet. They sit at a table in a bar that opened recently. "What a night," says Enrico. "It was horrible. Why was she murdered?" "I do not know ..." "Why do these things happen?" Enric take the girl's hand. At that time the door of the bar opens and two men enter. It's the commissioner, followed by his nephew. They sit at the bar and start chatting. Fargas seems to be very tired and cranky. "Julio has to go. Say hi to your mother," you hear him say a few minutes. Fly home and think no more of this, okay? Commissioner leaves the bar. Then Julio comes over to Laura and Enrico. "Pardon me, "he says, "I have seen inside the commissary. You are also good friends with Maribel? "Yes. Laura knew her, "answers Enric. "Well you know what? The police already have the killer, "says the young man, smiling slightly strange. "And who is it?" asks Enric. "A friend of hers; His name is José". "Who's José?" Laura looks to Julio with a straight face. "José Puertas, I think. A strange young man who drinks a lot and is taking drugs. Maribel was in love ..." Julio nods nervously. Enric and Laura listen in silence. Let's him continue. "... but Maribel was not wanted. No, I wanted him! "Look," says Laura finally, "José hasn't done anything". "Why not?" Julio asked surprised. "I've known him for a long time; I know him. He cannot kill anyone". "Bah!" says Julio, who suddenly has a bad temper. Others know him and do not think so. Police found him in a bar near the scene of the murder. He was very nervous. And he was drinking, of course, as always. "And what? That does not mean anything". "Besides, Maribel knew the murderer. My uncle told me, the commissioner. Killed her with his hands behind ... She did not, did not want..." Julio goes back to the bar, angrily. He drinks his coffee and leaves the cup on the plate. "He is a child of my dad's," thinks Laura. I don't like speaking to Julio. Nor does the things he says. She is confident that José did not kill Maribel. "Hey, Julio!" he shouts from his desk. "You're wrong. José did not do it". Julio looks and walks away again. "The police think so," he says. "Jose did not kill her". "Then who did?" Julio moves nervously. "I do not know". "You do not know, "Julie asked in a bad mood. "Not yet, as I told you. But I'll find a way to know, "replied the girl. "Oh, yeah?" "Yes". There is a moment of silence in the bar. Enric hears the noises of the cars on the street. Looks around. Seen to have reached some customers. After looking at how Laura is very pretty but looks tired. "Well ..." Julio says softly now. "If you really have an idea, call me. I also want to know who killed Maribel. She was my friend, you know ... Now, here is my address and phone number". "Okay, thanks, "Laura says." Wait, let me something to write with. I will give you my phone number too". "Now I go to sleep," says Julio after putting the paper with the number of Laura in his pocket. Laura and Enric stay in the bar a little more. "That guy is rare," says Enrico. Laura doesn't answer. She is serious. "Enric, you know that José did not kill Maribel," Laura says finally. "But Laura, police say ..." "No Enric. There is nothing that is unclear". "What is not clear?" "Not now, I can tell. First I have to do something to know ... But do not worry. I am very happy to have met you. I've helped a lot". "Laura ... Be careful. This can be dangerous". "I hope not. Adios, Enric". "Hey, if you want, I'll stay. I will not leave you alone now..." "You're so good!" Laura gives him a kiss. "Okay, Enric, come with me. And then we'll call Julio. We may be required to. Stands up to pay, Julio's cup is still in the bar. Laura looks at a brown mark that goes inside the cup as a trail to the right of the handle. Hears the noise of plates and glasses. Also, the voices and cars on the street. The city has begun to awaken.

What is the English translation for Chapter 4 of La Chica de Los Zapatos Verdes?

Chapter 4 Julio's house far away. But you walk a little before taking a taxi to the Bonanova Paseao. And you want to think. He seems to have seen Laura before. Now it begins to remember. It was long ago. He was a child ... Yes, Julio is a child. It was in a small dark room. You cannot leave because his mother, as always, had old and broken furniture. Julio was afraid. Above the table is a knife. A rat moves there, behind the cupboard. Suddenly...( knows that laughter). Laughing girl on the street. He approached the window to watch ... He hears a voice. Someone calls the girl. Hear the same cry several times and then another name, but can not remember. Maribel! ... Maribel! ... Yes, but now there is a different name now: Laura! ... The laughter ends. Julio sees the two girls on the street. He wants to leave the horrible room. Wants to walk with them. "No. Mama gets very angry if she sees me playing with girls, thinking aloud".

What is the English translation for Chapter 5 of La Chica de Los Zapatos Verdes?

Chapter 5 At ten in the morning there are few people in the Plaza Real. Only a few people who are talking quietly, sitting on the benches. On the terrace of a bar, Enric making his second coffee of the day. At the time Laura comes over and sits beside him. Listen Read phonetically Dictionary - View detailed dictionary "You could talk to Julio?" asks Enric. "Ya. He told me leave now". Enric is looking at the square. He likes this place. When he looks at Laura again, the girl is crying silently. "Poor Maria ...! "How long have you known her? "Since we were girls. She lived in a better neighborhood in Tres Torres. Her parents gave her everything she wanted. But she was not happy. At sixteen years, found a job. A little later she left home. Her family is very angry. In addition, Maribel moved in the old town with some friends. There she met and fell in love José. Then her parents did not want to see her anymore. They did not like José. They said he took drugs ... I'm sure that's not true. "And José, how? "asks Enrique. "Not a bad person, believe me. Before he painted. I've been painting many times. He does very well. But a few months ago he began drinking a lot. I do not know what can happen. Money, perhaps, to sell pictures these days is not easy...." Laura looks up. Julio sees what Enric and Laura are doing. He goes to change into black pants and a red shirt. "What a dirty place!" he says as he sits. "What do we do?"asks Enric. "We can go ..."Laura begins to tell him. "We're going to a bar near here: El Dorado. You know it? Julio says while Laura finished. The police arrested José ..." "What? The police cannot detain José's case. The murder was last night! They do not know anything yet". "Well, well! I mean, the police came to get there to take him to the police station to ask questions". "Okay, okay," said Laura, in a bad mood. "Why not go to that bar? It may be interesting ... "said Enric shyly.

What is the English translation for chapter 6 in la chica de los zapatos verdes?

Chapter 6 The bar, El Dorado, is small and ugly. A waiter is washing dishes. Julio is coming. "Does he know that the police have arrested the murderer of the girl on the streets of Santa Anna? - he asked. Some customers raise their heads. "Yes? - the bartender looks at him without understanding. Ah, yes! ... the young woman murdered. Poor thing! Recently we were talking about it. True, Pedro? One customer nods his head yes. "And who is it? - ask the waiter. "A guy came into the bar after the murder, "answers Julio. Laura looks to Julio. She thinks it's not right to talk like that. "Who?" asks the waiter again. "A guy named José". "José?" "Yes. Two policemen came here last night to look for him". "Ah! José ... Those two were from the police?" "He was drinking a lot, right?" continued in Julio. "Yes, a little". The waiter looks at a gentleman with glasses who is taking a drink at the bar. "Hey, Señor Casas. Have you heard that?" . "Well, it's a bit strange, "says the waiter, "drinks a lot, yes ... Yesterday, he arrived at ten, more or less. Asked for a beer and then another and then another ... until you came to look for those two. Well, the police. Thought they were friends ...". "The police were here this morning?" asks Laura. "Not really. No one has come". Suddenly the waiter looks surprised. "We are friends with Maribel, she was killed, "says Julio. "But every day is worse, let him hear, "says the waiter."Recently there was another death nearby". "And the police have done nothing!" says Señor Casas. "Man! This time, the police arrested the murderer". "So Jose is a murderer ..." "That is what I said! Too weird ..." When leaving the bar, Julio was content. "And now what do you think?" Laura asks with a smirk.

What is the English translation for chapter 7 in la chica de los zapatos verdes?

Chapter 7 Inspector Ibáñez finally decides to talk to the commissioner. I've been thinking all night. Fargas does not understand how there has been no consideration as well. Calls first to open the door without waiting for an answer. "Fargas, sir ..." "Yes". "I have to tell the girl about the murder". "That girl?" "The girl of the street of Santa Anna". "Ah, let me know". "I talked to José Puertas, and I've read the report. There are things that are not clear. As you know ..." "Look, Ibanez," Fargas says," this guy is the murderer, I'm sure. Worry no more ... You're too young ... Now let me work. And please close the door after exiting". Inspector Ibanez works in the commissary for a little. He is a thin young man and a little short. For a second seems to be saying something. But it is silent. When he closed the door, he stood there in the hallway for moment.

What is the English translation for chapter 8 in la chica de los zapatos verdes?

Chapter 8 Laura and Enric proposed to Julio to go to Maribel's apartment. She lived with a friend, a strange girl, slim and petite reading letters on the Ramblas. There are nearly twelve but Maria is still in her pajamas. Her eyes are sad. "How are you Maria?" asks Laura. "Not very well". "You know Enrique and Julio?" "Hi!" -Enric is my friend and Julio is a friend of Maribel. Know anything about José? "He's still in the commissary". After a moment of silence Maria asked: "Would you like to see Maribel's room?" "Maria, "says Laura unanswered, "What did Maribel do yesterday afternoon?" "She was reading, doing the laundry ... the usual things. After dinner she went out. Left with José". "What time did he come?" "At half past nine, more or less". "Were they worried or nervous?" "Well ... a few weeks ago she was a little odd. Maybe something happened ... I had problems with José or maybe there was someone else. In recent days I received many phone calls. One night she got very scared at home but would not tell me anything. I think that yesterday, too, after eating, someone called". "Who?" asked Julio. "I do not know. Someone". Maria has taken tarot cards and started to play with them. "Male or female?" "I do not know, but Maria was very angry". "Bah, "says Julio in a bad mood. "I don't know what I'm doing here. We're wasting time". "You think?" "I'm tired. I got to go to sleep". "We're also coming, " says Laura. "Take a card from here, " Maria asked. Laura takes a card. "The Empress" says Maria. "Wants to say the solution to a problem will appear with the help of a woman…" "Bye, Laura. But we have to get together another time, okay? Well, goodbye to everyone".

What is the English translation for chapter 9 in la chica de los zapatos verdes?

Once in the street, take a taxi in July. Nervous. The shirt collar tightens. Moves into place without stopping. I'm sure he does not like Laura-Peinsa. Well, so what? I do not mind. Ugh ! What's hot in here ! And if you think I am the murderer ...? That Laura ! "says aloud now. ... The dark room, the rat ... girls ... Laura thinks July. Her eyes are beautiful ... you realize that you like. Want to see it again. Feel more and more heat ... Some brown marks ... Julio Maribel imagine in the soil, those marks around the neck and legs ... so white ... He loved her, but she left without saying goodbye ... It was bad, his mother said truth. It was very bad ... But again the memory of Laura, his mouth, his beautiful girl's hair. Want to kiss him but it should not. No, it should not. All girls are horrible ... ... And again the room. Alone. Always alone. The girls laugh. He takes the knife. When the rat is about the kill with a knife.

What is the English translation for chapter 10 in la chica de los zapatos verdes?

Chapter 10 After Julio leaves, Laura tells Enric: "Can you wait a moment? It won't take long". Quarter hour and goes back to Enric. "Well, that's it. Still I have to do something else, but before that do you want to go eat something?" "Yeah," says Enric, happy to be with her​​. "I know a nice place on Montcada Street". In the bar, Enric listens to Laura. "Enrique, Jose did not kill Maribel. Really, it's impossible. Did you see the marks on her neck? Julio said that the murderer killed her from behind. Remember that the mark on the left was much stronger?" "Well ..." "That means, " continued Laura, "that the murderer has more strength in his left hand ..." "Yeah, left-handed". "And Jose is not a lefty. I've seen him paint many times". "Mmmm". "Now my question is: Why did the police have not noticed something so clear?" "It's a little weird". "Enrique, do you know anyone who is left handed?" "Well ... no" answers Enric. "I do know. Julio is left handed. So his uncle, Officer Fargas..." "But Laura, there are many lefties in Barcelona". "This is true but ..." "Besides, do you know that Julio is left-handed?" "I've noticed this morning in the bar. When we went to pay I saw his mug. The brands of coffee were on the right of the handle. Look". Laura takes his cup with her left hand. "You see? He drinks like this". "Oh, I understand". "Then, you remember all the things that Maria told us? In the afternoon someone called Maribel on the phone and it made ​​her nervous". "Yes, I agree". "I think that person wanted to see. It is quite possible, no? And she said no because she had to go with José. Then, he could wait and follow. In the streets of Santa Anna. No they said but ..." Laura looks worried to Enric. "Hey, Laura ... And if it was not so? You cannot say Julio ... Because you believe that someone is Julio, right?" "Look," says the girl. I went to Maria's house again just to be safe". "Is that right?" "Julio was in love with Maribel". "And who told you Maria?" "I have a letter, a letter from Julio. Maria found it in Maribel's closet. Before, we were not able to say anything because he was ahead". "Have you read it?" asks Enric. "Yes. Julio told her he was the wrong person. That José was an idiot and would never be happy with a poor painter. I told him also that he loved her since childhood. That was rich and, with it, could be like anybody. Finally, he gave advice. Something like: Think very well you do with your life. If you mess up, you can end it badly". The two youngsters fall silent for a moment. "You think I want to frighten her, "asks Enrique. "I do not know, it's possible. Julio did not like me, you know, "says Laura. "He's a very strange guy, of course". "Well, Enric. We need to get to the end. I'm going to talk to Officer Fargas". "With Julio's uncle?" "Yes". "Laura, be careful. I'll wait here. Then tell me how it went". "Okay. Thanks, Enric. Thanks for being with me. All this is horrible".

What is the English translation for chapter 11 of la chica de los zapatos verdes?

Chapter 11 Laura comes into the police station. Once inside, she approachs a policeman ... "Could I talk to Officer Carlos Fargas, please?" "Come to the office in the hall". Laura knocks. A voice answers: "Come in!" The commissioner is sitting behind a desk full of papers. Listening to a young man wearing a tie that is standing by his side. Ibanez is the inspector. "Tell me," he says without looking at Laura. "I wanted to talk to you about the murdered girl..." "The girl killed, what about the murdered girl," asks the sheriff, looking very seriously at Laura. "There are some things that are not clear". "Oh, yeah? What things?" The young man with the tie raises his head… "The murderer is left-handed". The young inspector looks at Laura more and more surprised. "Yes?" Carlos Fargas gets in a very bad mood. "... and Jose is not a lefty" continued Laura. "José?" "Yes, Jose Puertas. Now it stopped ..." "And who has said that the murderer is left-handed?" "Nobody". "Then, how do you know?" "I do not have to be very smart to realize that. Or you did not know, Mr. Officer?" The police moved in his chair, anxious, angry. Looks at Laura in the eyes. "Have something to say?" he said at last. She does not answer. While thinking down the stairs a lot. Each time is more certain that Jose did not kill Maribel. As you do not see the police? Julio may be a murderer. Everything is so strange ... When you reach the street there are voices behind her. "Senorita!" "It's Inspector Ibanez, who has followed Laura to the door. "Can we talk for a moment? There's something..."

What is the English translation for chapter 12 of la chica de los zapatos verdes?

Chapter 12 Shortly after, on Montcada Street bar, Laura tells Enric about her visit to the commissioner. "… and when they leave Fargas, I followed the young inspector he had been discussing with. Now, this whole thing is very clear to me". "Yes, but who told you that man? Tell me!.." Enric feels a little scared. Your friend seems to be very safe and does not understand why. "He said something about Maribel's body, police found a gold button. You know how much?" Laura was silent for a moment and look at the eyes of Enric. Want to see which side gets. The boy seems not to understand. "But," continued Laura, "Fargas says that's not important ..." "As it is not important? "asks the young man, surprised. "Of course it is," she said. "But he says no, because maybe you want to help someone. Do you not see? Maybe his nephew has a jacket with gold buttons ..." "But all of that, you can imagine, but do not know". "Ya. But soon we will know if it's true". "Laura, I can not believe it ..." "No? Well, then explain to me: Why the commissioner has been arresting José and has forgotten the button? He has also forgotten that Julio is left handed. It's a bit strange, is not it?" Enric nods yes with his head. He thinks that having a jacket with gold buttons is not so rare. But it is not normal that the commissioner ..." "Look," continued Laura, leaves him no time to think, "it is time to do something. For me, the murderer is Julio". She read a bit of fear in the eyes of her friend. She smiled before telling her plan. "Certainly, we should be safe. To do this, we have to see whether Julio has a jacket with gold buttons. And if it has a missing button, of course. My idea is this: I call Julio and stay with him. Meanwhile, you walk into his house and looking in his room". "And if there is someone in the house?" "How hard you make everything, Enric! Do not worry so much. At the moment, think that there will be nobody, and now this". Laura gets up. Enric also decided at last. "Well," she says "then I'll call Julio. And you, be careful, okay?" Before leaving, Enric approaches Laura and gives her a kiss. "Good luck, Enric. And please, call me immediately ..."

What is the English translation of chapter 17 in la chica de los zapatos verdes?

Chapter 13 Enric ,a few minutes ago, is gone. Laura alone in the bar waiting. Julio enters the bar. Laura raises her hand when she sees him. "You've awakened from a nap?" she questions. "No. Not so. I was writing some letters ..." " A girlfriend?" Suddenly, Julio gets very serious. "Because I say that?" "Do not get mad now, man. It was just a joke". "Okay, "she says as she stands near Julio, "I will order something to drink". Laura is by herself for just a few minutes. Think about all the things you will say to Julio. Must gain time. Julio has to stay there with her ​​two hours at least. Should get it. Meanwhile, Enric ... "Well, what happens now?" asked Julio, who is back with a beer. He also seems to be tired. "You gotta help me, Julio. Jose is not the murderer". Julio starts to feel ill. Is like saying: Do not waste my time! At the end is silent. Do not know why, but remains silent. "I've called," continued the girl, "because the we have to think about a plan to catch the murderer of Maribel. Only then, the police can release to José. Now I'll tell you all ... Recently, someone told me something very important ..." The girl tries to talk without getting nervous. " ... When the police lifted the body of Maribel one of them found a gold button on the floor. I think Maribel grabbed the jacket of her murderer. And then, the button fell off". Julio looks to her eyes and says nothing. "I blieve that the police will not do anything with the button. But I thought we both could use this information. And get to know who the murderer is. What do you think?" Laura drink some coffee. "I do not know, "said Julio. " I do not know what to think". "We have to try. José is not the murderer". "That's what you say". Julio starts to get a headache. Is too hot and you feel sick. Suddenly, you see a strange white light across the face of Laura. Julio runs his hands over his eyes. We seem to have filled with sand. Laura wants to see but cannot. This really scared. He is afraid and thinks of his mother. Then the light goes off in your head but not Laura. No, the girl who is in front of him, not Laura. Is Maribel. Maribel dead, very white with brown markings around his neck, his neck so cold ... Gradually Maribel face returns to its normal color. And is alive. Her mouth moves. "Is something wrong?" hears the girl. He realizes that Laura is back. Laura is there again with him. "Julio! Something happen?" says the girl again. "No, no, "replies while moving his hands over his eyes. "No, I thought you were sick ..." "No, no, really". "Well. Then, you will help me or not?" "Yes, okay. But ... not now ..." Julio is not good. This really scared him and wants to go home. Looking at his watch nervously. "... now I cannot stay. Sorry ..." "And our plan ?..." questioned Laura. "Do not worry. I'll think about it. Really ... I will find a solution". "You cannot stay a little longer? I just want to be here alone, I don't know ... Let's think a bit. You were a friend of Maribel and you know ..." "No, seriously. I have to go. If you like, morning again and we talk about this issue. Okay?" "Okay," Laura says. "Until then, Julio".

What is the English translation of chapter 14 in la chica de los zapatos verdes?

Chapter 14 After Julio left, Laura sat in the bar for a few minutes. Is very nervous. No one has been able to play their part of the plan. Julio wanted to be scared but do not know if he was. Maybe yes. And so he left. Too soon: she has threatened to Enric. She is very afraid for him. Is Julio at home now? Enric should still be there in his room, looking for the jacket in the closet. It's horrible. If something bad happens ... Laura decides to go home on foot. Wants to go. When she sits in a chair in the living room. Is tired. Is sleepy but not sleep. Goes to the kitchen and grabs an apple. Then back to the room and approaches the answering machine. See that there is a call. It is Enrique? Gets the answering machine, nervously, and then hears a voice. A strange voice. "Laura, where do you live. And you want me?" There's a moment of silence, then laughter. "I think so. True, Jose did not kill Maribel. Julio either. You're gonna end up like your friend Maribel ... You still do not know who I am ... but you'll know soon, very soon.>>

What is the English translation for chapter 15 in la chica de los zapatos verdes?

Chapter 15 Enric opens the closet door and starts searching for the jacket. Nobody is in the apartment. So far he has been very lucky. Entered a few minutes ago with a small special key, like a thief. After looking at all pairs, has reached Julio's room. Is quite large and the walls are light blue. Enric is very nervous. Afraid. Julio, or someone in the family can go back and find it there. Looking quickly between Julio's clothes but sees no jacket with gold buttons. Julio has a lot of clothes, but no jacket. So he is not the murderer? Enric does not know what to think. Finally, closes the cupboard and sits down heavily on the bed. Suddenly, looking at the table that is next to the window. Above, there are many papers and including some photographs. The spring must be very old, dirty and broken a little. Enric sees two girls of about six years old in a photo. The second is a photograph of ... Maribel. Yes, she is. And here, in another photo, the girls ... Yes, you know them. Them! ... Laura and Maribel. The others are all single Maribel: Julio he loved her. Laura told the truth. Enric leaves the pictures on the table and takes a written paper. Seems to be a letter, which is not finished. Is for a girl. ... I want to be your friend ... you are so beautiful ... your eyes ... you gotta believe me ... please do not leave me as did the other ... because I'm not a bad person but ... watch out ... Suddenly, Enric reads a name on a corner of the paper. "Is for Laura!" he says aloud. That idiot Julio is also in love with Laura ... Enric, then, feels very cold. Thinks that something horrible can happen. At the same time you hear a noise, someone is opening the front door.

What is the English translation for chapter 16 in la chica de los zapatos verdes?

Chapter 16 When Julio comes into the house he is so tired he cannot think clearly. Enters the room and gets a glass. Then, approaches the window. While drinking little by little, he remembers the strange light. A white light that would not let him see Laura. Laura! That girl ... do you think of it? ... Suddenly, he remembers Maribel. Imagines again the dead girl among the garbage cans. Imagine his hands on the white collar on the cold neck of Maribel. Her eyes open as he kisses her. But no ... She loved another and left without saying anything. All go. But this cannot happen again. Think of Laura, in her eyes, her mouth. This time everything will be different ... "Ah, son, are you here? Soon you're back!" Julio's mother came home at that time and has been found near the window. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "Nothing, Mom. I was thinking ..." "Of what, tell me". Julio, looks on in silence. "something happened to you, right? Tell me". Your child does not say a word, just the eye contact. "It's That Girl, that girl who the police found dead? Isn't it? I feel sorry?" The woman takes the hand of her son. And continuous. "You must not be so. You know how all those silly girls are ... Girls just want to laugh at you. As Laura called you many times today heavy ..." "No mom. Laura is different. Really".

What is the English translation for chapter 17 in la chica de los zapatos verdes?

Chapter 17 After hearing the voice from the answering machine for the first time, Laura stopped, unable to move, without understanding. But listens to the device again. Yes, she heard it right and is very afraid now. Does not know what to do. Goes to the door and locks it. Then she begins to think there may be someone inside the house. Looks through all the rooms, very nervous now. In the kitchen there is no one. No one in the bathroom either. She goes to her room. She seems to hear a noise. "Come on, Laura, quiet" she said to herself. Turns on the lights. Nothing. Looks under the bed. Goes to the closet. Does not know if she should open. Raises her hand and walks slowly. Suddenly,s he hears the same noise again. Laura screams without realizing it: Wow! Just the phone! "Hello?" " ..." "Oh, it's you, Julio!" " ..." "See you now? Well ... yes, okay. Where are you?" Julio ... The answering voice was not his ... and said that he was not the murderer ... So, Laura is wrong? At that time not to be left alone. No, Julio is not going to be worse than at home. On the other side of the phone, Julio is delighted: Laura said yes. "You know the bar La Vela?" - ..." "The street of Dr. Roux, under the Paseo de la Bonanova. You can take the subway or bus to Sarria ..." - ..." "Not good. Then, you go by taxi?" - ..." "Well, tell the driver that is on Dr. Roux street, on the corner of Dalmases... I leave in a minute". - ..." "Until now, Laura". Julio leaves the phone in place and looks around. Looking for his mother. Not seen. How odd, he thinks, was here a moment ago. Then leaves the room. Starts calling from the hallway. "Mama!, mama! I've done it, I called Laura, I called ..." No one answers. "Well," says Julio, "perhaps you've forgotten to buy something".

What is the English translation for chapter 18 in la chica de los zapatos verdes?

Chapter 18 Enric ten minutes ago is behind the door of Julio's room. From there he has heard it all. "And now, Julio is going to meet Laura! " thinks Enric. "If he killed Maribel also ... It's horrible ... I have to do something ... But what?" Crosses the hallway and gets to the kitchen. The door is open. From the outside, Enric sees a phone. Finally, after a few seconds, a police officer replied ... " Could I talk to inspector Ibanez?, please ... Yes, I hope ... Hello. I am Laura's friend, Enric. Laura ... yes, that girl. Is in danger. She is going to meet with Julio in the streets of Dr. Roux at the bar La Vela ... No time to explain anything. You have to go right away. I also have to get there right now. I will tell you all later ... But I want to hurry, please ..." Enric leaves the phone and runs to the front door. Going to catch a taxi. The house is silent. Very nice day and the sun still coming through the windows of the room. Suddenly, the clock begins to strike the hours. It's seven. From the bedroom of the mother of Julio, a small clock forgotten on a table seems to answer to your boring tic-tac. The room is dark and the closet doors open. Within this, there are many women's clothes: skirts, dresses, an old coat and several jackets. One has gold buttons. And one is missing...

What is the English translation for chapter 19 in la chica de los zapatos verdes?

Before paying the driver Laura looks around. This in a small dark street that ends in a strange park. "What place is this?" asks Laura to the driver. "It's graveyard" says the driver. "The cemetery? Is there a bar around here called La Vela?" "No, ma'am. I do not come here. Sorry". Laura gets out of the taxi. She cannot understand why he has come to a neighborhood like this. The street is empty and she starts to shudder. That was stupid! I had to have stayed in the taxi ... "Taxi! Wait," she cried very hard. But it's too late. The car turned. And Laura is far from anything and takes a road on the right to return to the city center. The night is falling. Laura does not see anyone there. Alone. Suddenly she hears a noise coming from the cemetery. "Julio, is that you? " says the girl. Goes a little over there and try to see who is coming. "July!, I'm okay. I am scared though ..." There is a brunette who is strong and smiles. Already very close to her. "Hi, Laura, " she says. "Do not know who I am? Did you forget me so soon? I called you on the phone before but we were not home ..." Suddenly, the mother takes the girl, putting her left hand on the neck and the other on the mouth. They are strong hands, and very cold. "But you have heard my call on the answering machine ..." Laura tries to scream but cannot. Besides no one comes here. The night comes and the street is silent. "You remember, Laura ..." The woman does not let her move "Julio ... as a child. Always wanted to hurt him, that's horrible of you and Maribel. I locked him in that room, well kept. He closed the door but you called it. Always smiling at him because he was different. He is my child and no one is going to remove him. All you are is a dirty thief, but no matters. I will take care of you. As I did with Maribel, as I do with you now ..." Julio's mother starts to grip the neck of Laura with her hands, with your left hand on everything. Increasingly squeezed and squeezed harder. "I'm dead, " thinks the girl.

What is the English translation for chapter 20 in la chica de los zapatos verdes?

Chapter 20 From afar, Laura hears a familiar voice shouting: Leave her alone! Leave her alone! ... The woman, startled, leaving Laura, who falls to the ground. "No ..."shouts Julio. "Why, mama, why? How could you do this?" The mother looks at her hands. Then, sees how her child helps Laura get off the ground. "Mama, "says Julio, "you killed Maribel. It was you ... right? Yes. Were afraid of being alone. Thought I was going to go with it ... you never liked my friends. All were low for you. Why, mama? Why can you not be like all mothers?" The woman tries to get closer to Julio, takes his arm, kisses him and Laura goes back to being frightened. "I only have you, "she says. "When I saw your father die I got it: I only had you. I always wanted to see you happy. All those girls that were hurting you. They were not good for you. You really wanted, only I, Julio, just me". "No!" the young man begins to cry. "You are sick, you are sick! When I was a kid, you left me hours and hours in that dark, dirty room. I just wanted you. Then, I started to have friends and called them by telephone to scare them. So they laughed, so they did not come near me. What have you done with my life, mama?" Julio suddenly sits on the floor and begins to mourn in silence. His eyes and mouth open and looks strangely skyward. Has seen the truth. Too late. Now it seems to be somewhere else, lost in his past. "Maribel, poor Maribel" child's voice says as he cries." Maribel, poor Maribel" he continues ... His mother goes to him and sitting next to him takes her in his arms. Julio did not realize anything. Laura then heard a noise. Someone is closing the car door. Three men get out of it. "Carmen," shouts the sheriff while Fargas is fast approaching. "What are you doing here?" She is silent, just looks at his brother very seriously. The inspector Julio Ibanez takes his arm and lifts him off the ground. "Madam," he says, "I will arrest your son for the murder of Maria Cornet ..." "He did not kill her!" Carmen Fargas gets up and begins to speak very slowly. "He is not the murderer. I killed that girl ..." "What did you say?" asked the officer. "You cannot help your son, Carmen. We know everything. From the first moment, I thought that he could be the murderer. But we would not believe it. And I knew it was going to hurt you so much ..." "No, Mr. Officer," says Laura. "The truth has been told. She has also tried to murder me. She did not succeed because Julio came quick enough. Believe me, if not, now I ..." "You all right?" Enric asks. Laura says that she had the neck with one hand. On the left side has a strong red mark. "No way," says the officer. "It is impossible. Maybe Julio, but my sister ... No, no...!" Carlos Fargas brings his hands to his face. "It is not true," he says quietly. "No ... not her". "Maribel, poor Maribel" Julio starts talking again with a child's voice. "She is my life, so happy ... I always laugh. I want to play with them, Maribel and Laura, but it's bad, if very bad ... I'm alone, I cannot get out ... but I pass through the window. Maribel! ... Laura! ... They are my life. I killed an ugly rat yesterday but today there are no rats ... Just Laura, Laura ... But she is different ... Everyone looks sad at the young man, who has returned to his past forever.

What is the Italian phrase 'la mia preziosa madre' in English?

" My precious mother " is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase la mia madre preziosa . Specifically, the feminine definite article la means "the." The feminine possessive mia means "my." The feminine noun madre means "mother." The feminine adjective preziosa means "precious." The pronunciation is "lah MEE-ah MAH-dreh preh-TSYOH-zah."

What is the English translation of the Italian 'la mia madre'?

" My mother " is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase la mia madre . Specifically, the feminine definite article la means "the." The feminine possessive adjective mia means "my." The feminine noun madre means "mother." The pronunciation is "lah MEE-ah MAH-dreh."

What does lo la mean in spanish?

Assuming you do not mean the name 'Lola' (which means 'Lola'!), the two words 'lo' and 'la' can mean 'it' (for masculine and feminine nouns, respectively), e.g. 'El libro, dame lo' = The (masculine) book, give me it. ' La cuchara, dame la' = The (feminine) spoon, give me it. 'La' can also mean 'the' (definite article) for feminine nouns, e.g. ' La cuchara' = The spoon'.

What is the English translation of the French phrase 'temps de la chasse'?

" Time of the hunt " is one English equivalent of the French phrase temps de la chasse . Specifically, the masculine noun temps is "time, weather". The preposition de means "of". The feminine singular definite article la means "the". The feminine noun chasse translates as "hunt". The pronunciation will be "taw duh la shass" in French.

When do you use de de la del de los or de las in spanish?

'de' is the genitive ('of/from') preposition. 'Soy de Granada' = 'I am from Granada' 'El edificio es de piedra' = 'The building is (made) of stone' 'del/de la/de los/ de las' are combinations of 'de' and the definite ('the') article = 'of/from the' 'del' is a contraction of 'de el' ('el' = 'the' for a masculine singular noun) 'de la' is the equivalent for feminine singular nouns 'de los'/'de las' are the equivalents for, respectively, masculine and feminine plural nouns.

What is the English translation of the Spanish phrase 'la majilla'?

"The cute little hottie" is one English equivalent of the Spanishphrase la majilla . Specifically, the feminine singular definite article la means "the." The feminine noun majilla represents the addition ofthe diminutive suffix - illa to the feminine adjective majo ("nice, pleasant"). The pronunciation will be "lahmah-KHEE-ya" in textbook* Spanish. *Regional variants include "mah-KHEE-sha" in Uruguay and"mah-KHEE-zha" in Argentina.

What actors and actresses appeared in La llamada de la suerte - 1998?

The cast of La llamada de la suerte - 1998 includes: Eternal as herself Peret as himself Moncho Borrajo as himself Paco Buyo as himself Jorge Cadaval as himself Mariah Carey as herself Mary Carmen as herself Los Centella El Consorcio The Corrs Jorge de Funes as himself Chiquito de la Calzada as himself Norma Duval as herself Manolo Escobar as himself Natalia Estrada as herself Fiorella Faltoyano as herself Mar Flores as herself Lolita Flores as herself Eduardo Leiva as himself Ricky Martin as himself Guillermo Montesinos as himself Sara Montiel as herself Pedro Osinaga as himself Miriam Reyes as herself Melba Ruffo as Herself - co-hostess Guillermo Summers as himself Diana Wrana as Herself - Bailarina