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Breast cancer may be treated with chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and hormonal treatment. Treatment requirements vary based on the type and spread.
surgery's, chemo therapy, radiation,
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Is there a homeopathic treatment for breast cancer?

Homeopathic Treatment for Breast Cancer . I'm not sure there is a homeopathic treatment for breast cancer, but good nutrition always helps. Tips: 1. Your breasts will benefit from good nutrition/diet. 2. Your breasts skin only contains a little collagen. 3. Exercise can assist with t (MORE)

How is nanotechnology used in the treatment of breast cancer?

\n . \n Current nano-technology is limited to the use of making smaller sized particles in drug and chemical treatments. . Nano sized particles are able to target and destroy cancer cells faster than normal sized drug particles and with less damage to surrounding tissue cells. . For example (MORE)

What are the treatments for breast cancer?

Answer . There are a variety of therapies for breast cancer . The broad categories of treatment include surgery, drugs, and radiation. Surgery ranges from the excision of an early cancerous or precancerous lesion ( lumpectomy ) to the complete removal of the breast and associated lymph nodes (MORE)

What are treatments of breast cancer?

It depends on the size, location and spread of the cancer. A small tumor in an easy to reach location of the breast may be removed with minor surgery. Larger tumors may require the removal of the entire breast. Cancer which has spread beyond the breast may also include radiation therapy or any nu (MORE)

What is less toxic alternative to chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment of women?

To be honest, not chemotherapy to treat cancer. Here is the situation. Chemical treatment can take care of the problem immediately, but the doctor always says that some can survive an extended 2 years or 3 years. Some die right away from the chemicals. This is with the late stages of cancer. Now, fo (MORE)

How could tamoxifen aide in the treatment of breast cancer?

Most breast cancers are Estrogen fueled , called receptor positive. After treatment, most women with that type of breast cancer are put on Tamoxifen for 3-5 years , it is an Estrogen blocking drug and can aid in preventing the BC from returning.

What is the average time limit for treatment after diagnosis for breast cancer?

This depends on the type and stage of the breastcancer and the age of the patient. Treatments vary. Lets say mastectomy surgery, chemo and radiation , it will take at least one year. Chemo is given in cycles 4-6 month, radiation is given daily 5 days a week 34-38 treatments. Sometimes for a longer p (MORE)

Can radiation treatment for breast cancer cause leukaemia?

Yes, unfortunately it is true because the way in which some cancers are treated is with radiotherapy. Radiotherapy is a form of ionising radiation like x-rays, and as a result, when that ionising radiation goes through your body, it does damage cancer cells, and it tends to damage cancer cells more (MORE)

What are the various treatment options for breast cancer?

Radiation and/or surgery is usually called for to treat and control cancer locally in the breast and lymph nodes. Chemotherapy, and hormone and biological therapies are used to prevent and control the spread of cancerous growth to other areas of the body.

Is there any natural breast cancer treatments?

Yes, in recent years many natural Breast Cancer treatments have become more prevalent. A few examples are herbal remedies, eating natural foods and herbs, yoga, Chiropractic care and meditation.

What exactly is HER2 breast cancer and what treatments are available?

"HER2 breast cancer is named for the gene that helps cells grow, divide and repair. If a woman has cancer in this gene it grows faster and has a greater chance of returning. Treatments available for this type of cancer include chemotherapy, radiation therapy and a lumpectomy or mastectomy ."

What is the best treatment option for breast cancer?

The best treatment for breast cancer is one that you and your oncologist decide together is the best treatment for you. Radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, diet, and drugs may all be part of successful treatment for breast cancer. The treatment that's right for one person may not be appropriate for (MORE)

What is the most prescribed breast cancer treatment?

Most breast cancer sufferers are treated with the surgical removal of their tumors, and often the complete removal of one or both of their breasts. Most patients are also treated with follow up chemotherapy to ensure complete removal of all cancerous cells.

What are some breast cancer methods for treatment?

For breast cancer treatment, one of the most reliable methods to treatment is following a plan set by your private caregiver. By going for a consultation, you give your private caregiver the ability to fully examine your body to see what can be done for any affected areas.

What treatments are usually involved in a patient with breast cancer?

Early diagnosis of breast cancer can mean a short treatment time and a better prognosis. Radiation and chemotherapy are two of the most commonly used mainstream methods for tackling breast cancer, a mastectomy is usually reserved for patients with advanced stages of the disease.

What are some examples of treatment for breast cancer?

There is no general cure unfortunately, but there are various treatments. Depending of the stage of the cancer they could try to remove the infected tissue. Another way is to use chemo. It is strongly suggested to discuss these matters with your doctor!

What are the more successful breast cancer treatment options?

There are many different options for breast cancer treatment. There are no cures for cancer. Some options for treatment include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, and homeopathic remedies. The best course of treatment depends on the individual and how advanced the cancer is.

What are some examples of alternative breast cancer treatment?

Most alternative breast cancer treatments are designed to be supplemental to medical treatment, such as meditation, yoga, and massage therapy. Many alternative treatments stem from Eastern philosophies, such as traditional Chinese or Indian medicine. While not shown to be harmful, the medical benefi (MORE)

What are the available treatments for breast cancer therapy?

There are two different types of therapy available for those with breast cancer. Hormone Therapy is a cancer treatment that removes hormones and stops cancer cells from continuing to grow in most patients. Targeted Therapy is the second kind of treatment available. This therapy uses an array of drug (MORE)

What new breast cancer treatments are out there today?

There are several new breast cancer treatment available today that were not available in the past, like testing for circulating tumor cells. This test may be helpful in determining if cancer is spreading to other parts of the body. Another new treatment involves studies which study a person's lifest (MORE)

What are some treatment options for stage 3 breast cancer?

At Stage 3 the cancer typically has not spread far beyond the breast and lymph nodes. At this stage there will typically be many lymph nodes involved or a large tumour and so various combinations of treatments may be required. These would be chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, surgery (lump (MORE)

What are some new treatments for breast cancer?

New treatments are being used for breast cancer. One of those includes Chemo-prevention, using retinoid drugs to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Another treatment is Oncoplastic surgery, a partial mastectomy used for lower-stage breast cancer. It usually involves reshaping the breast at the time o (MORE)

What are some treatments for stage 4 breast cancer?

Stage 4 breast cancer is where the cancer has gone to another part of the body, most commonly bones, brain, lung or liver. Treatment options include chemotherapy, hormone therapy, biological therapy, surgery and radiation.