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What is the urdu word for penis?

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What is the meaning of fanaa the Urdu word?

  "The title Fanaa means annihilation in Sufism, a mystic tradition of Islam. It also means destruction or destroyed in love in Urdu|Hindi. In Urdu/Hindi, it can convey th

What is mean by khathana a word of urdu?

kathna means cut the extra skin of the head of penis,that improves uraning system and make penis look better and sexier. this is must duty for all Muslim man
What is the Meaning of urdu word ulfat?

What is the Meaning of urdu word ulfat?

Ulfat is not a Urdu word. It comes from Persian. In Hindi there is  the word ulfat.   The English meaning of Ulfat is LOVE or Loving..   Nick Kler   Ulfat does no

Is sucking penis allowed in Islam urdu?

yes it is allowed. islam mei is cheez sy kahin b mana nahi kia gya. its a way of pleasure but only husband and wife do this in a lawful way.

What is the Urdu word for Grandmother?

depends... if it is for your maternal grand mother then it is: Nani and if it is for your paternal grandmother then it is: Dadi