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What is the urdu word for penis?

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You had a prominent career in theater, and even had an award-winning one-woman play! How does the theater compare to acting on film and TV for you?

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What is the Urdu word for hello?

āssālam 'alaykum السلام علیکم Reply with: wālaikum assalām وعليكم السلام informal hello: salām سلام Thank you i will just put my answer b (MORE)

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What is the meaning of fanaa the Urdu word?

  "The title Fanaa means annihilation in Sufism, a mystic tradition of Islam. It also means destruction or destroyed in love in Urdu|Hindi. In Urdu/Hindi, it can convey th (MORE)

Popularity of Urdu Shayaris

It is often considered that nothing can beautify any element other than poems. And when it is about poems no one can miss out the classic Urdu Shayaris. Urdu Shayaris, roughly (MORE)
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Special About Urdu Literature and Shayari

There is no one who can contradict the fascination of Urdu poetry or Shayari. Although we adore paying attention to Urdu Shayari or loving the stream of Urdu words in Indian s (MORE)

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Meaning of urdu word farmaya?

Farmana, P. n To command; to order ( in polite or respectful speech with reference to superiors); to say ; to declare.

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What is the Meaning of urdu word ulfat?

Ulfat is not a Urdu word. It comes from Persian. In Hindi there is  the word ulfat.   The English meaning of Ulfat is LOVE or Loving..   Nick Kler   Ulfat does no (MORE)

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What is the meaning of Urdu word fitrat?

it means "nature" but it is used for a person's character. e.g. " creed is in his nature" (English) " laalch uski fittrat mein hai." (Urdu)

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How to type Urdu on MS Word?

It is very easy to type Urdu in Ms Word. Just follow the below easy steps: 1. Install support for Regional Languages, Insert operating system CD, go to Control Panel, click (MORE)

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What is the meaning of Urdu word 'matlab'?

Matlab means "meaning". Example: "Iska matlab kya hai?" means "What is its meaning?".
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