What is the value of a 23 karat pure yellow gold Ted Williams Hall of Fame stamp 05238 of 25000?

Couple of dollars if you are lucky. The amount of gold is so small that it would take hundreds of these to get a measurable quantity of gold.
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What is the value of a 1990 Collect-A-Books Ted William card number 23?

  1990 Collect-A-Books Ted William card number 23   A 1990 Collect-A-Books Ted William card number 23 has a book value of about $1.00 in near/mint -mint condition. Pr (MORE)

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What is the value of Ted Williams autograph?

Signatures will vary in price based on condition, the type of  authenticity that accompanies the signature, the item  signed, and how well the item displays the signature.  (MORE)

What is the value of the 30 stamp set of Great Firsts in Aviation from the Commonwealth of Domiica in 23 Karat Gold?

Very little. These replicas have a layer of gold on the foil that is an atom or two thick. It is not really measurable and it would take thousands of them to make an amount wo (MORE)
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Is 14-karat gold a pure substance?

No, karat (or carat) as a purity measurement is divided by 24. i.e. 1 kt is 1/24th gold (or platinum or other measured metal) 12kt's is 12/24th or 50% pure 24kt's is 2 (MORE)
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Percent of pure gold on 14 karat jewelry?

14 Karat Gold is 14/24ths Gold or 58.5% Pure Gold. European jewelers use metric units when marking Gold items: 375 = 37.5% Gold or 9K 416 = 41.6% Gold or 10K 585 = 58.5% (MORE)
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How much pure gold is in 12 Karats?

12 Karat Gold is 50% or half gold. It has had various alloys added to it to reduce the fineness of the gold. Fine Gold, also known as pure gold is 24 Karat.