What is the value of a EIG Derringer made in Italy 22 Cal 4 shot pistol?

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I just bought one at a gun show for $100.00.
It is in near mint condition.
It is a 4 barrel and is marked "USE 22 SHORT ,LONG OR LONG RIFLE"
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What would a German 22 cal 8 shot pistol be worth?

Answer . Most German .22 revolvers found in the US are inexpensive guns that are no longer imported. If so, probably about $20-$50. But since you didn't give a manufacturer's name or model, it could be something better.

What is the value of an American Arms 22 caliber blue 2 shot derringer?

Answer Value of .22 cal derringer . There is a Blue Book of Handguns that should give you a start. But the "value" depends a great deal on the condition the piece is in. What is the serial number? Is it in the original box? There is an American Derringer website and you can probably floa (MORE)

What is the age and value of a gerstenberger cal 22 pistol?

DO YOU HAVE A PICTURE, ? As per the offical Gun Digest book of "GUNS & PRICES" 2007 edition, GERSTENBERGER & EBERWEIN GUSSENSTADT, GERMANY " A series of poor-quality revolvers sold in the U.S.A. before 1968. .22 and .32 calibers with 2.25" barrels, and a six shot cylinder VERY GOOD $125.00 GOOD $ 7 (MORE)

What is the value of an Iver Johnson 22 cal pistol?

as with any used firearm , condition has a Lot to do with the price,I purchased one today 6/28/08 for $110.oo at a gun show , in the past I have seen almost mint cond.ones going for $200 to $225..They are fine little guns , I have had a couple before this one ..

Can you shoot 22 lr out of a 22 magnum derringer pistol?

1. Not advised. 2. The .22 LR round will burst and unravel in a .22 magnum chamber nearly every time. It will fire a bullet downrange though and accuracy will be poor. The gasses will exit the burst cartridge, usually harmlessly, though, and it it not advised as above. However there are sleeves th (MORE)

What is the value of a western auto Revelation Model 99 Pistol made by Western Auto Supply 9 shot 22 cal?

Western Auto Supply did not make guns, they bought enough of them from a company that did make guns to have their name put on them. 35-75 USD Any idea what value it is-who was the maker? One recently sold at online auction for $101, in good, usable condition. They were made by High Standard, as (MORE)

What is the value of a Browning 22 cal pistol in excellent condition?

As with any firearm, it is not possible to accurately appraise a gun without seeing it. Condition, and original configuration will determine value. Other factors such as rarity of caliber or guage and higher grades have significant impact on value. Recommend that you see a local gun dealer for an ap (MORE)

Does a 22 cal derringer have a safety?

I'm afraid that is like asking, "Does a car have a tape player?" It depends on the make and model. Personally, I have a Colt .22 Model 3 derringer and it does NOT have a safety. But, I cannot speak to the many other makes and models.

What is the derringer 2 shot 22 cai made by Davis worth?

Without more of a description, you are looking at 5-50 USD. Davis made many of these derringers. Never expensive to begin with. You might be in the 100 USD range if it was NIB and differed from the run of the mill ones by finish, etc..

Derringer 22 CAL 2 shot made by DAVIS model D-22 CAL-22 LR WORTH?

it has very little value. They were very cheap when new back in the 80's and they are of rather low quality. Having said that, it's better than nothing and it's better than some of hte cheap handguns being made today. Value to me $20 Value to some one who just wants a small gun to have around $50 t (MORE)

What is the value of 44 cal Asm pistol made in Italy?

The Armi San Marco brand is not as highly valued as the Uberti or Pietta guns, but still a very fine reproduction. Depending on the exact model and condition, they range from $125 and up. Guns with the brass frames tend to be at the low end, while a steel frame colt 1860 tends to sell in the $200 +/ (MORE)

What is the value of Springfield Model83 Riflesingle shot 22 cal?

WHAT IS MY GUN WORTH? . What is the condition of the metal? Bore,is it rusty, pitted, bluing, . What is the Condition of the wood? Gouged,dents,cracks,splintered . Are there any markings on the stock? P, SA/GHD, WRA/GHD, RIA, crossed cannon and belt,ect. . Is it complete? functional? . Has it (MORE)

How do you unload a 22 cal short single shot butler pistol?

Most of these are swing barrel pistols- the barrel swings to one side. BEING CAREFUL TO POINT THE MUZZLE IN A SAFE DIRECTION- draw the hammer back to the half-cock notch. Grasp the top of the barrel (keeping fingers OFF the muzzle) and swing the muzzle to the left. The rear (breech) should swing to (MORE)

How do you get parts for butler 22 cal derringer?

If the problem is nothing more than having to double strike the cartridge with the hammer to get the pistol to discharge the .22 cartridge, that is a really easy fix for any competent welder or gunsmith: you merely add metal to the hammer and then file or grind it down to the original shape--the ide (MORE)

What is the value of a Crosman m130 22 cal pellet pistol?

Please state the current condition of the pistol and is it still working? The 130 was made between 1953-70. Give it a rating, is it in Excellent, Very good, Good, Fair or Poor condition. Without more information it is not possible to give an estimate of value

What is the value or Remington model 4 serno 335903 rolling block single shot 22 cal?

Your Remington model No.4 rolling block single shot rifle will bring between 250-500 dollars for a model showing between 10%-60% of its original finish,and a good bore.This rifle was made from 1890-1933.production totals were 350,000 made during this time span.Yours was made toward the end of produc (MORE)

Who makes the butler 22 cal short single shot pistol?

The Butler 22 caliber single shot pistol was made by Derringer. The Derringer company was founded by Henry Derringer. Derringer pistols are the smallest handguns available and were most commonly used by women.