What is the value of a Remington Model 742 in good condition?

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Remington 742 Value? What Condition? Most modern guns are graded by percentage of original condition- 100%= Bluing is intact and not mottled on both the barrel and receiver, wood of the stock and forend is not scratched or nicked and the finish is uniform and original. Other than factory test firing, the gun was never fired. Generally, new in the box (NIB), if the weapon came in one. 98%= Usually applies to double action revolvers where there is a slight but evident 'drag' line on the cylinder from the gun being dry fired (the hammer cocked, allowing the cylinder to be rotated repeatedly) even though it was never loaded and fired. This can be transfered to auto loading rifles if the auto bolt slides show wear (easily tested with a q-tip: If you find a lot of black oil, the bolt has been exercised in excess)even if it was never fired. 95%= The gun has been fired, but all the original bluing/ finish is intact, some 'greying' (where the bluing has experienced slight wear like at the barrel tip from being inserted or withdrawn from a zip up gun soft case) is acceptable. The stock and forend, other than a few minor scratches, as well as the finish on them are intact. The mechanisms (trigger, bolt, ect) are tight and true. 90%= Bluing on the receiver shows minor wear, the stock forend shows some finish wear with some nicks/scratches. The mechanisms (trigger, bolt, ect) are tight and true. 80%= Bluing on the underside of the receiver shows lots of wear, 60%, even though the barrel may grade at 95%; numerous nicks and scratches in both the receiver as well as stock/ forend are the indicators that show that this grade of gun has been used in the feild for a number of seasons. I have a 742 (A) made between 1975 and 1978 that was upgraded at the factory to a BDL, minus cheek clearance so it's a bit of a one off. It is a 100% grade though, unfired, just like it came out of the box. Currently, it's estimated value is between $500 and $600. If you have a bicentennial model (1976) even fired, it's worth $1k + even if it's @ 95% grade. with boxes, documentation ect.
You should keep in mind that the 742 was superseded by the 7400 around 1980.
I keep mentioning paperwork and original containers. Without these, your unfired gun is reduced to the unfired value of $500-to $600. Provenance is valued. Dealers are asking $500 for a used 742A in 95% grade, or condition. Doesn't mean that's what they're getting. Go to gunbroker.com and do a search- You'll find 742s in a price range from $100 (less than 80% grade) to $350 (95% condition with a cheap scope mounted). Remember, once the guns's out of the factory and has been fired, the best condition it will ever see is 95%, unless it's older than 100 years old, then everything changes. 742s are just getting old enough to be considered collectible. Also keep in mind that if you have the original carton/ container the gun came with in good to excellent condition most collectors will pay a premium above and beyond the estimated value of the gun itself, since it is considered part of what makes the gun 'collectible' in the first place. This also applies to warranty cards, manuals ect. Most 742 owners probably don't know that their guns were shipped by Remington in a shipping carton to their respective dealers, such as kmart, SS Kresges and other retailers. Most of these retailers upon receiving a shipment of 742s at the point of sale would discard the shipping carton, since they usually had a gun rack to hold the gun on display. Finally, what model? Remington made a 742(A), 742ADL (fine checkering w/sling swivels)742BDL (deluxe), 742 carbine, 3 grades of peerless and premier ($1800+ value now) and even a Canadian centennial model (still $350 like the 742(A)). Since the grand majority of 742s made were of the (A) variety, at 95% condition, without scope, $300; @ 90%, around $275. Hope this answers your question. -Ric
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What is the value of a Remington 22 model 33 in good condition?

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What is the value of a Remington Woodsmaster model 742 in excellent condition?

Recently, in my area, where the seller is voluntarily selling and the buyer is voluntarily buying ... and etc. Rifles with long actions bring around $500 in excellent condition. Short actions bring slightly less (less popular). Carbines bring slightly more. Older rifles and carbines bring slightly m (MORE)

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How do you tell the age of my Remington model 742?

There are date codes stamped on the barrel. If you go to the Remington Society of America's page here it has a picture of where their location is and how to interpret the letters. http://remingtonsociety.com/rsa/questions/barrelcodes

What is the value of a Remington woodmaster 30-06 model 742?

Condition is EVERYTHING with 742's. Have you tried checking sites (like AR15.com, Gunbroker, or AuctionArms) to find one similar to yours?. Condition:. Today (5/09/2009) one in 100% condition (ie: unfired with NO dings, scratches, rust, or blemishes) should bring at least $820, but VERY few are 10 (MORE)

What year was a Remington model 742 serial 38750 made?

That's probably a first year production 1960, buy you can verify that and get the month as well by looking at the date stamp the location of which and the codes can be found here: http://remingtonsociety.com/rsa/questions/barrelcodes

Manufacture date of Remington model 742 woodmaster?

Go to: http://www.remington.com/products/archived/centerfire/autoloading/model-742-woodsmaster.aspx look up the serial block number on the firearm compared to what the dates are on the link. Its not exact but it gives you a approximate time

How do you field strip a Remington model 742 30-06?

Loosen the forend screw and remove the forearm. Clean & lightly oil the operating slide, spring & gas piston. Push out the two trigger-guard pins and pull the trigger group out of the receiver. Clean & oil the trigger group & internal parts of the receiver. (DO NOT snap the hammer with the trigger (MORE)

What is the value of a Remington Model 12 serial 772508 with octagon barrel peep sites good condition made in West Hurley NY?

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What is value of Remington 280 model 742 woodsmaster serial number 7338040?

This is the canned answer to the general question "how much is my gun worth". There is no way that this can be determined via a description of the firearm because condition of the item is critical to its value. In addition, whether the gun is considered to be modern or antique will significantly a (MORE)

Is a 6mm Remington model 742 good for deer hunting?

A 6mm Remington should be perfectly adequate for deer hunting out to 250-300 yards. The 243 Winchester is a renowned as a great medium game cartridge with a 100 gr bullet at 2950 fps. Compare that to the 100 gr projectile in the 6mm Rem traveling at 3100 fps.

What is the difference between Remington model 742 and model740 in 3006?

The Remington model 740 was the first semi-auto rifle chambered in 30-06,and was made from 1955-1959.The Remington model 742 was the next design and made from 1960-1980.I believe that the difference might be the gas piston,and the way the bolt locked up in the chamber(more bolt lugs).