What is the value of a Winchester 1400 20 ga?

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Depends on condition. This is a discontinued model that had sort of lukewarm sales. 90% $180-$240
60% $120-$140
Condition being #1 then age. No Set price in stone.
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Value of a Winchester 1400?

Answer . $120.00 to $150.00 depending on age and appearance. I have a old 1400 with a 30 inch barrel and full choke. Looks great and works well best offer I have had is 12

What is the value of winchester model 1400 mk II?

the value of your shotgun will run between 150-240 dollars for a Winchester 1400 MK II which was made from 1968-1972.This price id based on your shotgun having between 60%-90%

Value of a Winchester 1400 12 ga SHOT GUN?

Between 200 and 500. It all depends on condition and model. The basic field model, fixed choke with no rib being the low end. And the trap grade being the higher end.