What is the value of a colt 22 automatic long rifle challenger pistol in the original box with the assembly and cleaning instructions plus original ammo gun cleaning patches and 3 in one oil?

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listing the model and serial number would help a great for someone to estimate the value.................................and overall condition............................
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How to clean a Colt 22 Woodsman pistol?

Answer . Make sure gun is unloaded!. Lock slide to rear.. Remove magazine.. Use any commercial gun cleaner(Hoppe's,etc). Use soaked patches to swab barrel inside and out, breech area,magazine well,etc.. Wipe down with dry patches

How do you clean a ruger 22 pistol?

You did not say whether your Ruger is a Mk I, II, or III, but the answer to all is: 1. Contact Ruger through their website, and request an owner's manual. They are free. There is a trick to the final re-assembly that the book covers. 2. Get a basic cleaning kit, including a cleaning rod, 22 brush, p (MORE)

What is the value of a colt woodsman original box with warrant card and instructions?

value depends on need I agree with the above statement. Assuming you have a nice woodsman and the right box comes along, it would be worth a lot more. The same is true with most old gun boxes as colt single actions. From experience, it appears a gun in the box with papers is worth10 to 20% more tha (MORE)

How do you clean a 22 gun?

Get an owner's manual from the maker. Supplies will include solvent, patches, cleaning rod, oil, bronze bore brush.

Cleaning instructions for model 61 .22 caliber rifle?

\nI tried to locate an exploded view on line, but there doesn't seem to be one. \nThe gun isn't complicated, but if you're not handy with tools and have a good memory, \nI wouldn't recommend taking the action apart. \n...here's one more piece of advice you'll probably ignore. \nGo out and get a set (MORE)

Can anyone give me an idea of the value of a Challenger II US pistol 22 long rifle made between 1976 and 1982?

As with any firearm, it is not possible to accurately appraise a gun without seeing it. Condition, and original configuration will determine value. Other factors such as rarity of caliber or guage and higher grades have significant impact on value. Recommend that you see a local gun dealer for an ap (MORE)

How do you clean a 579 22 long rifle?

You did not tell us the make. Contact the maker (most have a website) and ask for an owner's manual (they are free). You can get a decent .22 cleaning kit at any sporting goods store.

What is the value and year it was made of a 22 high stander sport-king 6 and 3 quarter inch barrel pistol manufactured in hamden conn great condition original box but no book serial no 444204?

Buy the serial number you provided,it sounds as if you have a high standard sport king (second model) that was made from 1954-1957.There should be a SK 100 stamped on the right side of the slide.The value of these semi auto 22,s are going for between 100-400 dollars depending on the amount of origin (MORE)

What is the value of a Colt Challenger pistol?

It's value depends on it's overall condition. Furthermore, the value of any item, to the seller, may vary widely from the value to the buyer. Plus, dollars and pounds increase and decrease in value daily. Please be more specific as to what market you are in.

How do you assemble a ruger 22 cal long rifle automatic pistol?

If it's a Mk I, Mk II, or Mk III pistol, trust me on this one - find a gunsmith who will assemble it and show you how it's done. It is not a very simple task, least of all, when you've never done it before. If said gunsmith will show you how to assemble it, then watch over you while you go through t (MORE)

What is a Benjamin 137 original boxed air pistol can of original brass shot excellent condition includes original instructions worth?

The Benjamin 137 is part of the 130 series of airguns it included the 130, 132 and 137. they were made between 1946 to 1985. In Excellent condition it is worth around $100 plus you can add 15% for the plastic grip version or 35% for the wooden grip version along with the box and instructions. I woul (MORE)

Can a 22 long rifle pistol shoot the 22 hornet ammo?

No. The .22 LR is a straight sided RIMFIRE cartridge. The Hornet is a bottlenecked CENTERFIRE cartridge. The chamber of a Hornet is MUCH bigger- you could not get a Hornet into a .22 LR chamber- and the firing pin would hit in the wrong place.