What is the value of a dgregfd 1971 Elizabeth II coin?

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Probably not much, but without more information it's not possible to say. All the question tells us is that it's a modern coin from one of the countries in the British Commonwealth.
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What is the value of an Elizabeth II coin dated 1867-1967?

The dual date would indicate that it's a Canadian Centennial coin, so unless it's a proof or uncirculated coin it's probably only worth a small amount more than face value.

What is value of a 1977 Elizabeth II coin?

Not enough information. Almost all coins from the British Commonwealth carry the Queen's image on the reverse side, so there are many dozens of possibilities to choose from..

What is the value of Elizabeth II 1974 coin?

You need to be more specific. In 1974, Queen Elizabeth was the monarch for quite a few countries. Please post a new question including the denomination, country of origin and

What is the value of an 1861 Elizabeth II coin?

Check your coin. Queen Elizabeth II was not born until 1926, and she ascended the throne in 1952; first coins of her reign probably 1953. Your coin is probably 1961 if it s

What is the value of a Charles 1977 Elizabeth II coin?

Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, has only appeared on two British coins to date. 1. The 1981 25 Pence (Crown) coin commemorating his marriage to Lady Diana Spencer. 2. T

What is the value of an Elizabeth II One Pound coin with no date?

All British One Pound coins have the date on them. The absence of the date may indicate that somebody has removed it, or that the coin is a poor forgery. Alternatively, any

What is the value of an Elizabeth II year of the tiger 2010 coin?

You do not specify whether your coin is gold or silver, the weight or the face value. The Lunar series of coins are produced annually by the Royal Australian Mint in gold and

What is the value of Rhodesian Queen Elizabeth II coin?

It would depend on the year, denomination, and condition of the coin. While coins were produced in the name of Queen Elizabeth II for "Rhodesia and Nyasaland" for several yea